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A damage is sometimes in a small … stone. How does your car insurance deal with car window damage? And is there a difference between coverage with an asterisk or crack? Along the way you heard a tap against the car window. Once home, your eye catches an asterisk in the windshield. Very annoying. Damage repair companies claim that it is smarter to have such an asterisk repaired as quickly as possible before it grows into a crack. Of course you first want to know what the car insurer does and does not cover.

There are two types of window damage

There are two types of window damage

If you have a liability insurance, you will have to pay the window damage from your own wallet. Window damage is only covered with a limited car insurance policy and an all risk insurance. Are you covered? Then you can breathe again relieved: a window damage usually has no consequences for your bonus malus.

Repairable: the asterisk

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An asterisk in the car window can eliminate damage repair companies almost invisibly. Many insurers waive the usual deductible of 135 to 150 euros partially or completely if you opt for repair instead of replacement. After all, the insurer is also cheaper to pay for repairs.

Non-repairable: the crack

Non-repairable: the crack

If the car window can no longer be repaired due to a crack and you opt for replacement, you will pay the usual deductible of 135 to 150 euros. Many a car insurer halves the standard deductible if you go to an affiliated repair company.


Many car insurers work together with window repair companies. This can have consequences for, for example, your deductible in the event of window damage. There are also car insurers that stop the rise on the BM ladder for a year (constant premium discount) if a member company has not opted for a damage repair company. Pay attention to that. When you calculate your motor insurance on the Pontifex family, you can read in the detailed overview how the car insurers deal with it.

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