Apple is looking to hire engineers for its third Israeli R&D site for Mac chips

Apple will open a third development center in Israel, which will be dedicated to manufacturing M-series chips for Mac and iPad computers, depending on the Israel time.
The Cupertino giant’s intentions have been revealed after scout Elad Wertheimer posted on LinkedIn that Apple plans to open a new development site in Jerusalem and is looking for chip engineers. They will participate in flagship projects based in Israel, in particular the development of Mac processors.
Apple opened its first Israel location in Herzliya in 2015, a few years after taking over the Israeli flash memory boot Anobit. The company also acquired an Israeli 3D sensing company PrimeSense in 2013. There is also an R&D center in Haifa’s Matam high-tech park that housed 100 employees laid off from Texas Instruments.

Johny Srouji, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies, originally from Haifa, played a key role in establishing R&D centers in Israel, which employ around 2,000 people. Srouji previously worked at Intel and IBM. He joined Apple in 2008 and was initially in charge of iPhone chip development. In 2015, he was given a leadership role and now leads the team that manufactures chips for Apple products. Some of these team members reside in Israel.

Israeli teams contributed greatly to the development of Apple’s first M-series processor, the M1. The company is currently looking to fill more than 100 positions in Israel.
Apple announced last month that it was expanding its engineering R&D center in Rawabi, Palestine, where it currently employs more than 60 engineers. The The Palestinian team works with Israeli centers in Herzliya and Haifa.
Apple started moving away from Intel chips with the introduction of the M1, and the latest M2-powered Macs are completely devoid of Intel-made components. M-series chips not only power Apple’s computers, but also its slates, which are one of best tablets around.

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