Argus Leader offers a digital subscription flash sale

More people read the Argus Leader today than at any time in the history of the Argus Leader. The vast majority of these readers do so online, and while digital subscriptions to the Argus grew 20% in 2021 (thanks, subscribers!), the vast majority of our online readers still don’t pay anything for it.

If you’re one of those readers, here are five quick reasons for you to try becoming a subscriber.

We’re really good at what we do

Bravado? Sure. But we have the receipts to prove it. From wrongdoing investigations, holding our elected and powerful leaders to accountcovering our dynamic business community or sports in high school, Argus Leader journalists cover you like no one else.

Konon: 2021 has brought vigorous investigative journalism to South Dakota. We are ready for more in 2022.

For subscribers: Amid Great Resignation, South Dakota Loses Workers, But Unemployment Remains Low

This includes our reader-focused action investigative series, 100 Eyes. Over the years, Argus Leader’s monitoring team has followed readers’ advice and answered questions that have resulted in impactful and transformative stories. In some cases, changes in state laws began with drives.

Exclusive content for Argus Leader subscribers

Much of this unique and enterprising work is exclusive to subscribers. We know that when you subscribe, you expect more. We reward this investment by offering some of our best work only to subscribers. Each week you can expect to see our best storytelling, investigative work, sports analysis and more titled “For Subscribers”.

For subscribers: Should South Dakota banks be forced to lend to gun companies?

Exclusive:Bridesmaid dress worn 20 years later in honor of relative who died in plane crash

Help support the oldest local business in Sioux Falls

The Argus Leader has told the story of Sioux Falls for over 140 years. We are a founding member of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce. Our team lives here, works here, raises our families, shops and obviously covers this community.

I want, we want to continue doing this work for another 140 years. Your subscription guarantees that we will do this.

SPECIAL OFFER: $1 for 6 months of Argus Leader

Constant access, when and where you want it

With a subscription you get unlimited articles on, you can be one of the first to learn about the latest news with personalized news alerts, flip through a digital replica of the printed paper, receive exclusive newsletters and more.

Argus Leader apps for iOS and Android devices can be customized to your liking. The main Argus app lets you download articles for offline reading, choose your own article display option, and set news alerts. Non-subscribers receive a limited number of articles each month, but subscribers get unlimited access.

e-Publishing is awesome, and we just added over 230 journals

Do you miss the layout of a printed newspaper every day? Still want that journal while you travel? Subscribers have access to the print edition seven days a week on their computer, mobile device or tablet by accessing the e-Edition, a digital replica of the print edition.

The electronic edition can be accessed at or via the Argus Leader Print Edition app for iOS and Android.

As an added benefit, subscribers can also access the electronic edition of any of our more than 200 sister newspapers across the United States, including the Des Moines Register, Arizona Republic, Detroit Free Press, Aberdeen American News, St. Cloud Times, etc.

Finally the price is right

At present, the introductory offer for new subscribers is a single solitary dollar for SIX months. Six months of great journalism and stories about your community for just $1. A dollar!

Of course, after that, we’ll ask you to pay a little more for your membership, but by then, we’ll have proven our worth to you, built a relationship, and it’s ALWAYS going to be an amazing deal. I promise.

So subscribe now, right here with this link! Subscribe here.

Questions? Beat me. Email: [email protected] Phone: 605-331-2389. Twitter: @sigepcory.

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