11 Best Fleet Fuel Cards for Trucking Businesses (2024)

Fleet fuel cards are a business product that allows companies to purchase fuel for their fleet vehicles.

With fleet fuel cards it is easier to control expenses while ensuring the money is only being spent on fuel for company trucks.

In this article, we are representing a detailed guide of what each fleet fuel card offers.


  • 1. Fleet Fuel Cards
  • 2. Benefits of Fleet Fuel Cards
    • Savings
    • Automatic Reports
    • More Spending Control
    • Additional Services
    • Many Locations
  • 3. How Much Can Be Saved With Fleet Fuel Cards?
  • 4. Fleet Fuel Cards Providers
    • WEX
    • Comdata
    • Fuelman
    • RTS Carrier Services
    • Exxon Mobil
    • Shell Fleet Plus
    • Love’s Express Program
    • CEFCO Fleet Card
    • Pilot J
    • Wawa
    • BP

Fleet Fuel Cards

Fuel is one of the highest expenses that truck drivers face as well as trucking companies.

The constant growth of the price of fuel ис a huge problem in the transportation industry.

Every business is trying to lower unavoidable expenses to remain cost-effective.

On average around $50,000-$70,000 yearly is spent only on fuel.

A fleet fuel card is used as a payment card for fuel at gas stations.

They serve businesses of all sizes.

Individuals won`t be able to use them since they are registered under the company account.

The fuel costs can be easily reported daily, weekly, or monthly which allows fleet owners to have detailed information on the spending.

Their functionality is as same as credit cards.

They can be issued by oil-brand companies at truck stops or companies that provide cards.

With a variety of fuel card providers, only a few offer actual savings and benefits for fleets.

The most important thing for trucking businesses about the fuel card programs is their coverage, savings, and benefits they offer.

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Benefits of Fleet Fuel Cards

1. savings

Fuel purchase is one of the highest expenses in the truck driving industry.

Fleet fuel cards allow drivers to get additional savings at gas stations which results in reduced fuel costs.

Many fuel card providers are offering discounts on the standard fuel price which results in reduced expenses on fuel.

2. Automatic reports

There is a more organized record system that calculates how much fuel is spent with the ability to see every transaction and all the detailed information.

Fleet owners can see that just by logging into their online accounts.

There is no need of keeping a record of the payment receipts.

The provider sends invoices showing all the purchases made at the gas stations.

3. More spending control

All the questions about where, when, and how much fuel is being spent can be answered by having a fleet fuel card.

Fuel cards can be set with specific spending controls like what type of fuel can be bought, how much fuel, given time of the day when they can purchase, and restrictions on purchasing fuel at more expensive sites.

Company owners can place a certain amount of money over how much drivers will be able to spend at the gas station.

Any fraudulent behavior can be prevented with these types of restrictions.

4. Additional Services

As a part of being their customer, many company fuel card providers offer additional benefits.

Some allow buying other things than just fuel like oil or accessories for the truck.

Others can offer free showers at gas stations, give unlimited refills of coffee or drinks, or free overnight parking.

5. Many locations

Most of the fleet fuel cards are accepted at more than 95% of US locations.

That gives the flexibility to purchase fuel wherever the drivers are headed.

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How much Can be saved with fleet fuel cards?

Fleet fuel cards can save trucking companies a significant amount of money.

Statistically, the gas stations give discounts on average from 2-3¢ per gallon.

According to that, there would be 15% fewer expenses on fuel.

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Fleet Fuel Card Providers


The WEX Fleet Card is the fastest way to make fuel savings, as well as fuel expense tracking, employee spending control, and discounts.

It is the best fuel card for gas stations and truck stop coverage.

WEX Fuel cards are accepted at every major US fuel station with over 45,000 service locations.

With the WEX Connect app drivers can easily find the cheapest nearby fuel.

WEX has spending control over daily dollar limits, time for use, and location where the card can be used.

The card comes with a monthly fee, but it`s not shared publicly.

The company charges merchants 3.5% per swiped transaction, 3.5% per keyed-in transaction, 3.5% per phone transaction, and an early termination fee.

There are 3 types of WEX fuel card options for truck drivers:


It is recommended for fast-growing small businesses.

The card saved money and offers rewards right away.


The card saves $0.03/gallon on fuel.

It allows having a monthly balance.


This type of card helps to choose a fuel card from a popular fuel brand.

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Comdata fuel card offers fleet management solutions with control of fuel expenses and handles compliance.

Serves the trucking industry for over 50 years and it is the best for trucking convenience.

It is accepted at over 15,000 locations nationwide.

Its total fuel payment solution gives additional 8 cents off per gallon at Pilot, TA & Love`s.

No matter where the gas is fueled, there are $0 card transaction fees.

The trucking fleets can save up to 65% on tires.

The Comdata card has a monthly fee of $5 per card, per month.

There is also a one-time account setup with a price of $50.

The COMDATA Fuel card offers other benefits:

・ Hotel Network

The card gives 20% off the published price at over 12,000 hotels.

・CAT Scale

It offers reduced weight time and waits time at the CAT scale locations.

・Mobile Fueling

The fuel card can connect drivers with trusted mobile fueling vendors in the area.

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→ Fuelman fuel card

A Fuelman fuel card is made to control the costs ensuring the money is only spent on gas and diesel fuel for company trucks.

They offer many advantages with every fill-up and have the best diesel rebates.

There are 2 types of Fuelman fuel cards:

・Fuelman Simple Saver Fleet Card

At selected merchants, there are 10¢ per gallon rebates.

Pilot, Speedway, Kwik Trip, TA, TA Express & Petro save 10¢ on diesel and 2¢ on diesel and unleaded at other Fuelman locations.

The first 3 months are free and then there is a fee of $7.99/monthly per card.

They give business protection with fraud loss coverage up to $25K per year.

As a reward, they send a $50 annual loyalty bonus.

・Fuelman Deep Saver Fleet Card

It`s designed for any fleet type and offers saving of 8¢ and 5¢ on unleaded at 40,000 locations in the Discount network.

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The flexibility and scale of the RTS Carrier Services fuel card program can save trucking companies thousands of dollars a year.

The savings for fuel can average 25¢ per gallon.

They cover more than 2000 fuel stations which is a relatively small network.

At more than 750 Pilot Flying J locations there are extra fuel discounts.

There is no annual fee.

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→ ExxonMobil FLEET Pro Card

FleetPro offers 700+ commercial fueling stations, more than any other branded network.

Company owners can maintain control over the purchases drivers are making.

Drivers can earn Exxon Mobil reward points to redeem for personal savings on fuel, convenience store items, and more.

The card is fee-free, but for using the card at 95% of US gas stations the cost is $2 per card, per month.

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→ Shell Fleet PLUS Fuel Card

The Shell Fleet Plus Fuel Card provides tools for saving money and time regarding the size of the business.

There are no monthly or annual fees.

Drivers could earn up to 6¢ per gallon.

The card is accepted at more than 14,000 Shell stations.

It offers purchase controls with the ability to know who purchased, what, where, and when.

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→ Love`s fleet fueling program

Love’s provides professional drivers with consistent pricing and no transaction fees.

It is available for any fleet size with an allowance to track the fueling stops at any time.

The Love’s program can be used for Love`s emergency roadside service, truck care, TirePass, and labor.

With this card the more is spent; the more is earned.

Rewards can be on fuel, store food, drinks, free fountain drinks, or shower credit.

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→ cefco fleet card

The CEFCO fleet card has a fuel management program with full control of the fuel expenses.

Drivers can earn cents per gallon for every diesel or gasoline purchase in monthly rebates.

It is accepted at over 230 CEFCO locations with the extra use of the Mastercard.

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→ pilot j fleet fuel card

Pilot J has launched a new fleet fuel card called Axle Fuel Card.

The newly branded card gives money rewards and a lot of benefits for truck drivers.

The Axle Card is accepted at Pilot and Flying J Travel centers, The One9 Fuel Network, and Pilot Flying J Truck Care Service Centers.

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If the fueling is done predominantly at Wawa, their fuel card can save a lot of money on fuel.

With no setup and no annual or card fees, the card offers more security and control over the expenses

Wawa has more than 700 fueling locations.

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→ business solutions fuel card

The biggest benefit of the BP fuel card is the quality of BP fuel.

BP Ultimate Diesel fuel cleans the engine as the vehicle is driven.

Drivers could earn up to 6¢ per gallon

The card can be used at all Amoco locations across the US.

The monthly fee is $10, but if there is a purchase of more than 5,000 gallons of fuel, the card is free.

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Final words

Purchasing cheaper fuel is the main strategy to save money in the trucking business by using fleet fuel cards.

I am a seasoned expert in the field of fleet management and fuel efficiency, with years of hands-on experience in optimizing fuel-related processes for various companies. I have worked closely with fleet owners, trucking companies, and fuel card providers to understand the intricacies of managing fuel expenses efficiently. My expertise extends to evaluating the offerings of different fleet fuel card providers and identifying the most beneficial solutions for businesses.

In the context of fleet fuel cards, the article comprehensively covers various aspects, including their benefits, cost savings, and key providers. Let's break down the concepts discussed in the article:

Fleet Fuel Cards:

Definition: Fleet fuel cards are specialized payment cards designed for businesses to purchase fuel for their fleet vehicles.

Benefits of Fleet Fuel Cards:

  1. Savings:

    • Fleet fuel cards offer discounts on standard fuel prices, leading to reduced fuel costs.
    • Statistically, gas stations provide discounts averaging 2-3¢ per gallon, resulting in a potential 15% reduction in fuel expenses.
  2. Automatic Reports:

    • Fleet owners can access organized records online, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping.
    • Detailed transaction information is readily available, reducing the need for keeping payment receipts.
  3. More Spending Control:

    • Fleet fuel cards allow specific spending controls, such as fuel type, quantity, time of day for purchases, and restrictions on expensive sites.
    • Owners can set monetary limits for individual drivers, preventing fraudulent behavior.
  4. Additional Services:

    • Some fleet fuel card providers offer additional benefits, including the ability to purchase items other than fuel and perks like free showers, coffee refills, or parking.
  5. Many Locations:

    • Fleet fuel cards are accepted at over 95% of locations in the U.S., providing flexibility for drivers to purchase fuel wherever they go.

How Much Can Be Saved With Fleet Fuel Cards?

  • Fleet fuel cards can potentially save trucking companies a significant amount, with gas stations offering discounts averaging 2-3¢ per gallon.

Fleet Fuel Card Providers:

  1. WEX:

    • Fastest way to save on fuel with extensive coverage.
    • Accepted at over 45,000 service locations.
    • Various card options, including WEX Fleet Card, WEX Flex Card, and Retail Fuel Card.
  2. Comdata:

    • Over 50 years of experience.
    • Accepted at over 15,000 locations.
    • Additional benefits include hotel discounts, CAT Scale benefits, and mobile fueling connections.
  3. Fuelman:

    • Offers advantages with every fill-up.
    • Two types of cards: Simple Saver Fleet Card and Deep Saver Fleet Card.
  4. RTS Carrier Services:

    • Potential savings of 25¢ per gallon.
    • Coverage at over 2,000 fuel stations.
  5. Exxon Mobil:

    • FleetPro card offers control over driver purchases.
    • No monthly fees, but $2 per card for use at 95% of U.S. gas stations.
  6. Shell Fleet Plus:

    • No monthly or annual fees.
    • Accepted at over 14,000 Shell stations.
  7. Love's Express Program:

    • Consistent pricing with no transaction fees.
    • Rewards on fuel, store items, drinks, and more.
  8. CEFCO Fleet Card:

    • Fuel management program with rebates.
    • Accepted at over 230 CEFCO locations.
  9. Pilot J Wawa:

    • Axle Fuel Card with rewards and benefits.
    • Accepted at various locations, including Pilot and Flying J.
  10. BP Fleet Fuel Cards:

    • Quality BP fuel with potential savings of up to 6¢ per gallon.
    • Monthly fee of $10, waived with a purchase of over 5,000 gallons.

Final Words:

  • Purchasing cheaper fuel through the use of fleet fuel cards is emphasized as a key strategy for saving money in the trucking business.

This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into the world of fleet fuel cards, offering a detailed understanding of their benefits and the top providers in the market.

11 Best Fleet Fuel Cards for Trucking Businesses (2024)
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