Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (2024)


Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (1)

“Farmhouse Recipes”

From Sweet Tea to Buttermilk Biscuits – from Fried Chicken and

Mashed ‘Taters… there are some recipes that are iconically

found at Farmhouse gatherings.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (2)

Welcome to Farmhouse Friday!

I know it’s been a while since I have featured one of these…

but I thought I would share some of the foods I grew up eating

on the family farm and at neighborhood gatherings.

No, they’re not recipes and foods for the calorie-conscience folk.

Nor, non-carb eating peeps…and don’t even get me started on the bacon fat.

But – it’s honest to goodness, stick to your bones (and your butt),

finger-lickin’-good, “slap me with butter and call me a biscuit” good food.

So settle back – forget that you’re watching your figure for a few minutes

…and come along with me on one of my Southern family Get-Togethers.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (3)

Let’s start out with some homemade Pimiento Cheese.

The “pate” of the South. I love this recipe from Taste of Home.

And for the record, it has to be eaten on good ole’ Ritz crackers.Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (4)

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (5)

There’s also Deviled Eggs. Simple ingredients come together to create these

little mouth-watering morsels. Cherished Bliss shares her recipe.

Couldn’t you just lick the plate?

Or how about some Country Ham Biscuits with Red Pepper Jelly?

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (6)

Isn’t this a beautiful display by Southern Weddings?

Now don’t go getting full on the appetizers…we got some serious

eatin’ to do. Or as my Grandpappy used to say…

“Let’s get down to business.”Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (7)

Buffets and potlucks in the South are always laid out the same

way.There is an orderthat foods are placed on the table, therefore,

it’s also the same way they are loaded on the plate.

I have have oftenwondered if there was a Potluck Etiquette Book

floating aroundsomewhere in the South.Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (8)

First came the “starches”…aka ‘Taters.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (9)

Homestyle Mashed Potatoes by Pass Me the Sushi

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (10)

Sweet Potato Casserole by My Sweet Addiction

And no potluck would be complete without a good ole’

Southern Potato Salad

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (11)

This is a great recipe by A Hint of Honey.

Next on the table is where all the veggie and side dishes would be laid out.

Lined up in organized rows of fresh goodness.

In our family – the collard greens gets first dibs on the best spot

on the table.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (12)

Source: Southern Living

Then, there would be theSouthern-Style Cabbage

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (13)

This recipe by Diva Can Cook makes my mouth water.

From the various greens, we move on to other side dishes

such asFried Okra…

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (14)

Source: Plain Chicken

Creamy Coleslaw – made with carrots and purple cabbage

and Dukes Mayonaise.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (15)

Source: Cook and Craft Me Crazy

And, let’s not forget…

Black Eyed Peas and Ham

andSummer Succotash

It would be breaking ALL the Southern Buffet and Potluck

rules if there were not at least SIX Baked Mac ‘ Cheese dishes.

(yes, I know Mac ‘n Cheese is techically a “starch”- but in the South,

it’s a “side dish”)Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (16)

This one is from A Sweet Chefand looks delish!

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (17)

In between the bowls of veggies and greens, there are little

containers ofchow-chows, relishes and

Bread ‘n Butter Pickles.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (18)

Source: A Country Cook

Finally – you come to the “heart” of the table.

The meats.

Fried Chicken.




Fried Fish.

And platters and platters and platters of golden

and perfectly Fried Chicken.

(’cause everyone fixes “the” best Fried Chicken in our family)Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (19)

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (20)

Source: Picture Perfect Meals

Then, there’s platters of juicy and succulent hams…

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (21)

This one above, cooked with Molasses and Southern Bourbon, is

exactly how I fix mine.


If you have a hankerin’ for ribs, you can choose these

Cola-Cooked Ribs by Cook’s Country.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (22)

Talk about finger-lickin’ good????

You can also get your fill of fried fish…

Southern Fried Catfish by Cooking with K

We would seriously lose our “Southern Cooking Card” if we did not

havesome Salisbury Steak on the table…

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (23)


Oh – and let’s not forget the Meatloaf….

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (24)

…and a Vegetable-laden Pot Roast.

I always look for one of my faves…

Southern-style Chicken and Dumplings.

I think there just might be some faintin’ and swoonin’ without

some Chicken-Fried Chicken and Gravy.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (25)

Source: Food Wishes

And last – there will always be a generous supply of Pork Chops.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (26)

Source: Simply Recipes

Finally…at the far end of table…there are baskets and baskets –

lined with country cloths in every color and pattern –

full of biscuits and cornbreads.

Your plate is pretty full by now, so you’ll need to balance your selected

breadon the side and hope it doesn’t fall onto the floor on our way to the table.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (27)

Southern Iron-Skillet Cornbread byA Southern Fairytale

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (28)

Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits byRecipe Girl

And lest we forget – we’re gonna wash it all down with several glasses

ofBrewed Sweet Tea with Lemon.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (29)

Source: The Boot Blog

So, you go ahead and eat your plateful of Farmhouse goodness.

We may even go back for seconds, ’cause them collards are

something good and worthy of another tasting.

Then – this is how it will go from there…

We will lean back in our chairs, one of us may unbutton our pants,

then we’ll pat our full bellies

– and swear we just can’t eat another bite. No, siree.

Then, Aunt Sally will walk by with a huge slab of pie and suddenly-

we will realize there maybe a “smidgeon” of room left for dessert.Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (30)

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (31)

Like Farmhouse Strawberry Pie from The Country Cook.

Or…how about a helping of Southern Banana Pudding?

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (32)

Source: Remarkable Home

I can never resist a Peach Pie…

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (33)

Source: Four Seasons Recipes

Or, how about a Classic Southern Bourbon Bread Pudding.

Maybe a perfect Strawberry Shortcake served in a Mason Jar?

But ultimately – it’s all about the cake.

The Chocolate Cake, to be exact.

Ewey. Gooey. Rich. Death by Chocolate Cake.

‘Cause lets face it…after that dinner – what’s a few extra hundred

(or five)calories right?

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (34)

Extreme Chocolate Cake by Kitch Me

Finally – everyone packs up their leftovers. It’s time to go home.

For a nap.

A very, long nap.

With a very full and extremely satisfied tummy.

And a promise to ourselves that we will start back on our diets.


Right after we finish off that leftover cake.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (35)

Thanks for joining me for

Farmhouse Friday:Farmhouse Recipes

Please join me on Sunday night for a

No-Sew Showcase.

I will be showing you the easy way to create large bows using

two ribbons.

Happy weekend, my Everyday Friends.

Farmhouse Friday {Farmhouse Recipes} (36)

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