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To celebrate Batman’s 80th anniversary this year, Fortnite is featuring the dark knight in a crossover event. Not only are players going to get the chance to wear numerous accessories for the dark knight’s franchise, but Titled Towers has become Gotham City. While Batman and Catman are the main attractions in the crossover event, Batman’s iconic rival, the Joker, makes an appearance. Here’s how how you find the Joker’s gas canisters in the game.

All Joker Gas Canisters Location in Fortnite

There are three locations in total you need to find across the map. However, they do not have static spawns. Players are going to see them in points of interests on the map, depending on the random locations it spawns for them. Here are some areas we’ve discovered so far, but there could be more. We’re going to update this page as we find them.

If none of these locations have any of the bombs you’re looking for, here are some tips to locating a bomb at a unique position.

  • Listen for the beeping. All of the bombs have a soft beeping sound, and the louder it gets, the closer you’re going to be
  • Check the middle of the Point of Interest. All of the Joker canisters are usually somewhere close to the center of the location
  • Don’t do them in a single game. You’re going to need to spend a few games locating all of the bombs, so if you only find one, you’re doing okay.

Dusty Depot

In the middle of the construction area, you’re going to find the canister sitting next to a wooden wall hidden behind a crate. You’re going to want to be right in the middle of the construction area, in the bottom area. If you’re having trouble locating it, use the bomb’s beeping to make it easier.

Fatal Fields

The pleasant farms of this location are not safe from the Joker’s wraith. The bomb you’re looking for at this location is inside of the large barn full of all of the hale bales. When you get inside, go straight to the middle, and you should find the bomb tucked away next to the circular hay bales, leaning against some pillars.

Frosty Flights

Inside of the frosty facilities, you’re going to find the Joker canister inside of a small medical room. You’re going to find it inside of the room, partially protected by some metal frame. Jump through the metal framing and disarm the bomb.

Greasy Grove

Much like the name says about this location, you’re going to the fast-food restaurant inside of Greasy Grove. When you’re inside, you’re going to locate the bomb in the middle of the establishment, underneath a table with some green seats. You probably shouldn’t order anything from this restaurant while you’re there.

Happy Hamlet

In the frozen wastelands of Happy Hamlet, you’re going to find the Joker canister hidden a little bit better than the other ones. Go to the southeast portion of the map, and go inside of the buildings. You’re going to find the canister underneath some wooden picnic tables.

Haunted Hills

You’re going to find this canister closer to the northwest point of the Point of Interest. You’re going to find the canister next to a large set of stairs leading into an underground tomb. Do not go inside the tomb. You’re going to see the bomb outside, sitting next to a metal fence.

Junk Junction

Go to the middle of this location and get ready to spend some time looking around. The canister his hidden next to a trash can, right next to a brick wall. You shouldn’t spend too much time looking for the garbage, but the area is a little challenging to navigate. Again, try to go to the middle of the Point of Interest, and you should have a much easier time finding the Joker canister.

Lazy Lagoon

Here you want to go to one side of the lagoon where you’re going to locate a fountain. The fountain is the key location point for this canister. When you get to the fountain, jump inside of it, and you should identify a canister hidden inside.

Loot Lake

When you go down to Loot Lake, you’re going to want to steer clear to the massive mess that’s in the middle of it. Instead, you want to stick to the far side of it, over where the platforms are. Go to the second platform, right next to the one with the yellow railing. The platform you’re looking for is closet to the south and has a grey car next to it. You’re going to find the canister next to the grey car. When you approach it, disarm it.

Lonely Lodge

When you get to the lodge, go to the south of it and look for the yellow school bus. It’s quite like Joker to go after a school bus, though, we’re lucky there are no children in this one. Go to one side of the bus, and you should find the canister sitting between the school bus and a grey truck.

Lucky Landings

When you arrive here, you want to go straight to the middle of this location. Much like the namesake of this area, you’re going to get lucky by looking for the large tree sitting in the middle of the area. Go to the large tree, and you should find the canister sitting next to it, hidden behind a small wooden fence.

Moisty Palms

This location is going to take a little time to locate. You want to go to the right side opposite where all of the buildings. Go there and into the water-based area. You’re going to find the bomb underneath some planting, next to a cactus and the side of a stream. Because this location might take you a bit of time, we recommend you spend a little listening to the bomb’s distinct beeping sound.

Pleasant Park

You’re going to find this canister right in the middle of Pleasant Park. It’s to the right of the football field. If you’re flying down to it, go straight to the middle and look for the covered area with the four park benches. This location seems like an excellent place for a picnic, which may be why Joker planted one of his canisters here. You’re going to find the canister right next to one of the park benches, closest to the grill. Approach it and disarm it.

Polar Peak

When you visit this location, make sure to take in the sights of the beautiful location when you’re looking for to the bomb. You’re going to find the canister on the side of the wall. It’s going to closer to the south side of the area. It’s directly opposite of a more green, lush island, not too far out. If you can see the green mountain not too far away, then you’re on the correct track.

Pressure Plants

The canister for this location is closer to the southeast location of the plant. You’re going to want to look for a series of pallets, colored yellow and orange. The canister is going to be on the other side of them.

Retail Row

You’re looking to visit the diner in this location. Head straight to the diner, and you’re going to find the canister out front. It should be right next to the gray car, under a table and some chairs outside. You don’t even have to enter the diner to discover the bomb.

Salty Springs

The final location is in a more densely populated area with houses and urban life all around it. It’s a deadly location for the Joker canister. You want to stick to the northwest side of the area. The canister is in the street, right next to where an accident took place, which Joker likely caused. There’s a red car turned on its side with orange traffic markers surrounded by red and white warning posts all around it. The Joker canister is next to the vehicle.

Shifty Shaft

This canister is in a problematic location, due to the many twists and turns you’re going to encounter inside of the mine. Look around to find the canister hiding behind one of the larger crates inside of the mine shaft. To help you look for it, you’re going to want to listen to the distinct beeping of the bomb. The specific crate the canister is hiding behind is the one right next to the large set of stairs into the mine.

Snobby Shore

Go to the furthest northern location of this Point of Interest, just before you hit the road. There, go to the right side of the north area, and you’re going to find the bomb in the middle of some trash. The trash is going to have a green lamp-post next to it, with an overturned truck nearby.

Sunny Steps

The final location you could find the Joker canister is to the north of Sunny Steps. You’re looking for the canister hidden inside of a small room, next to a pillar. The room has many windows in it. This area is going to prove a difficult location to find the bomb. But if you listen for the beeping, it should narrow down your options.

Enjoy the Batman crossover event. The entire event ends on Oct. 8, and you have until Oct. 1 to take part in the challenges and get some free items.

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