Next generation Siri likely to be launched in iOS 18, ChatGPT style (2024)

Next generation Siri likely to be launched in iOS 18, ChatGPT style (1)

A next generation Siri version is set to be powered by a generative AI chatbot, with analysts expecting it to be launched with iOS 18, and announced at this year’s WWDC.

While Apple has been criticized for the way that Siri has lagged behind, a new report says that this is because the company is aiming to be far more ambitious than existing generative AI systems …


Although the company hasn’t made any announcements about its generative AI work, a report back in the summer said that the company has already created its own Large Language Model (LLM) system, which has been dubbed AppleGPT.

The tool as it stands is only being used internally, but the report then said that “people familiar with the work believe Apple is aiming to make a significant AI-related announcement next year.”

While that report caused enough excitement to create a spike in AAPL stock, we cautioned at the time that customers shouldn’t expect to be using a powerful new Siri service anytime soon.

Apple’s goals are far more ambitious than ChatGPT

While Apple could launch its own LLM tomorrow, the company is aiming to leapfrog systems like ChatGPT in two ways:

  • On-device processing
  • Going beyond language-processing, to include AI audio and video

On-device processing

AI systems like ChatGPT do all their processing on remote servers, but research papers written by Apple suggest that the company has a far more ambitious objective: using on-device processing.

This would have the advantage of speed and privacy, but enabling such services to run in the limited memory of mobile devices poses a huge challenge – and that is believed to be a key reason for the time the company is taking before launch.

We have already seen the company take one small step toward this goal, with offline Siri launching in the latest Apple Watch models back in September.

AI audio and video, as well as language

ChatGPT is known as an LLM, because it’s all about language processing. But Apple’s ambitions go beyond this, seeking to incorporate AI processing of both video and audio.

We’ve again seen some early signs of this, with visual and audio AI processing seen in Door Detection and Live Captions.

Next generation Siri expected to launch in iOS 18

The Financial Times reports on the expected launch of a far more powerful version of Siri.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, usually held in June, is widely expected to be the event where the company reveals its latest operating system, iOS 18. Morgan Stanley analysts expect the mobile software will be geared towards enabling generative AI and could include its voice assistant Siri being powered by an LLM […]

“As far as the chips in their devices, they are definitely being more and more geared towards AI going forward from a design and architecture standpoint,” said Dylan Patel, an analyst at semiconductor consulting firm SemiAnalysis.

This echoes a report from an Apple leaker earlier this month, and Morgan Stanley points to Apple job listings as further evidence.

Almost half of Apple’s AI job postings now include the term “Deep Learning”, which relates to the algorithms powering generative AI — models that can spew out humanlike text, audio and code in seconds.

9to5Mac’s Take

While there’s still a lot of speculation involved, the idea of a major Siri relaunch this year does seem increasingly plausible.

LLM models like ChatGPT have completely transformed expectations of what we now expect from AI systems. While Apple has been able to point to privacy as its reason for keeping Siri’s capabilities more limited than rivals which process lots of personal data, we have now reached a point where Siri looks unacceptably dumb. That has to change, and it’s hard to see how Apple could wait any longer than this year.

Using generative AI to power Siri will dramatically boost the capabilities of Apple’s intelligent assistant, while on-device processing will enable the company to continue to tout its privacy credentials. Incorporating video and audio processing gives the company a real shot at persuading everyone that it was worth the wait.

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Generative AI Chatbot for Siri

The article discusses Apple's plans to enhance Siri by incorporating a generative AI chatbot. This next generation Siri version, expected to be launched with iOS 18, aims to surpass existing generative AI systems like ChatGPT in two significant ways.

On-Device Processing

Apple's goal is to enable on-device processing for Siri, which means that the AI system will perform its computations directly on the user's device rather than relying on remote servers. On-device processing offers advantages such as increased speed and enhanced privacy. However, running AI services on mobile devices with limited memory poses a significant challenge, which may explain the time Apple is taking before the launch.

AI Audio and Video Processing

In addition to language processing, Apple's ambitions for Siri extend to incorporating AI processing of both video and audio. This expansion into audio and video processing is aimed at enhancing Siri's capabilities and providing a more comprehensive and immersive user experience.

Apple's Progress and Expectations

While Apple has not made any official announcements about its generative AI work, reports suggest that the company has already developed its own Large Language Model (LLM) system called AppleGPT. Although AppleGPT is currently being used internally, industry insiders believe that Apple is preparing to make a significant AI-related announcement in the near future.


Apple's plans to introduce a next generation Siri version powered by a generative AI chatbot demonstrate the company's ambition to surpass existing AI systems. By focusing on on-device processing and expanding into audio and video processing, Apple aims to enhance Siri's capabilities and provide a more immersive user experience. While specific details about the launch and features are yet to be announced, industry analysts and job listings suggest that Apple is actively working towards these goals.

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Next generation Siri likely to be launched in iOS 18, ChatGPT style (2024)
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