Bryan County Sheriff’s Office announces new phone app for residents

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) – Residents of Bryan County will soon have a new way to communicate with law enforcement.

The sheriff’s office is about to roll out a new phone app.

Bryan County Sheriff’s Office officials say this app will be the first for any department in our region designed to streamline communication between law enforcement and the community.

The app will allow the sheriff’s office to send emergency alerts and traffic notifications to users.

It will also be a tool people can use to chat directly with MPs and pay for their quotes.

The Bryan County Sheriff’s Office app is part of a larger community outreach plan.

MPs say one of the biggest issues they hear from the community is a lack of communication and transparency, but they hope the new app will help reduce that problem.

“The Sheriff is able to communicate directly through the app with community members. So if there’s something he wants them to know, he can post it. If he asks the community for his support or his help, if we have a cold case for example, he can spread the information “hey, we need the help of our community members and they are able to open this line of communication”, said Jennifer Fleming of the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s Office officials note that the app will be free and available to Apple and Android users.

It will be ready for download by April 9.

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