For this weekend and tonight, wet snow and slippery weather are expected for the first time. So drive carefully! If you still hit a different car or a pole. We have listed what you must do. Find a safe place together to fill in the claim form. If necessary, take photos of the accident site before you leave.


Damage form

damage car

Complete the claim form that you received from your car insurance:

  • Fill in the front of the form together with the person (s) involved. Do this as carefully as possible and make a situation sketch.
  • But photos of the damage to your car
  • Note the name and address details of any witnesses
  • The front of the claim form must also be signed by the person concerned.
  • You then give one of the copies to the person concerned and keep the other yourself.
  • You can fill in the back at home.


Mobile claims

Mobile claims

Nowadays you can also report your damage via a mobile app. You can download the app in both the Apple app store and the Android Market. You can only use the app if your car insurer is connected, during the completion you will receive a message if this is not the case.


Law enforcement

It is always wise to call the police after an accident. However, the police will not come in all cases. If you are unsure whether the police are needed, call 0900-8844. The police will come when there is serious physical injury. The police will then conduct extensive investigations on the spot. Sometimes an accident blocks a large part of the road, the police then offers support for safe traffic.


Emergency service car insurance

Emergency service car insurance

Is it not necessary to call the police, but does your car have to be towed away? Then contact the emergency service of your car insurance.

Fixed interest rate

September 8, 2019