City of Boston updates parking app with help from mobile developers

EasyPark Group, the company behind the ParkMobile app, has partnered with the City of Boston to revamp a parking app where users can find and pay for parking in and around the city.

The new application, called ParkBoston, is available for Apple and Android devices. ParkBoston has been revamped using the technology behind the ParkMobile app, a leading mobile parking app. New features include GPS mapping services, a “Find My Car” function and new payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Users can select, pay for and add time to parking spots through their phone.

Users of the old city parking app, which hadn’t received an update in over a year, will now need to create a new account after the update.

The ParkBoston app also allows users to find and reserve parking in other major US cities, including Providence. Massachusetts regions including Amherst, Springfield and Lowell will also have parking available through the app. (Notably, the app doesn’t seem to support parking in Worcester or Cape Cod.)

“With half a million users in Massachusetts, the partnership with the City of Boston demonstrates the demand for innovative and convenient solutions that make everyday life behind the wheel easier,” said Cameron Clayton, CEO of EasyPark Group, in a statement.

With the MBTA Orange Line out of service for a month, more commuters are expected to drive into the city. The app may see an influx of users, given the need for more parking.

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