Daily Dozen | Forbes: Falling gas prices, Walmart downgrades outlook, NFL+ mobile streaming

Across party lines, most Americans support setting term limits for Supreme Court justices as disapproval mounts for the highest court. Weak demand for Covid antiviral pills such as Pfizer’s Paxlovid could offset strong sales in the first and second quarters. Retailers are implementing nifty new technology in self-checkouts to make shoppers think twice before testing the limits of theft.

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In the news today

  • Walmart Stocks crushed almost 10% in after-hours trading late Monday after the nation’s largest retailer cut its profit outlook for the second quarter and the rest of 2022, signaling the impact of high inflation on consumer spending.
  • The EU reached an agreement on Tuesday for member countries to cut gas demand by up to 15% from August to March, as the bloc tries to wean itself off Russian gas supply. The “voluntary reduction” will focus on reducing consumption in the electricity sector and encouraging alternative energy sources and will not prioritize the reduction of gas for consumers.

Best takeaways

A majority 67% of Americans support term limits for Supreme Court justices. A new poll shows 43% of people say they have “little no confidence” in the conservative-majority Supreme Court, up from 27% three months ago. A similar number of Americans support a mandatory retirement age for judges following recent landmark rulings to strike down abortion rights and block gun control measures implemented by states.

The National Football League threw its hat into the streaming wars ring by unveiling new NFL+ subscription service. The service, the first of its kind among major US sports leagues, aims to preserve traditional media relationships by offering mobile streaming only.

A gallon of regular unleaded gasoline fell to $4.36 on average as of Monday, about 17 cents lower than last week and a drop of 66 cents from the June 14 high. If the current trajectory continues, Americans will see the average price fall below $4 a gallon in two weeks.

Democratic campaigns and fundraising groups have criticized the Disney-owned Hulu streaming platform for refusal to broadcast political advertisements which deal with controversial issues such as abortion, gun control and the January 6 riots. The controversy is rooted in the fact that streaming services are not subject to the same political advertising rules as traditional television.

Officials in the United States and around the world are urging doctors to make better use of Covid antiviral pills as supplies go unused. The global antiviral $29.5 billion market, dominated by Prizer’s Paxlovid, is set to take a hit after heavy drug use in the first half.

Chris Kirchner, CEO of Goldman Sachs-backed tech startup Slync.io, has been suspended following a Forbes report last week that alleged he makes false financial statements on the board and flaunted an extravagant lifestyle of exclusive golf memberships, luxury cars and a private jet while leaving employees unpaid for months.

Must read today

Don’t try anything cute with ATMs. They will report you

Old self-checkout tricks, like trying to pass off a bottle of vintage Bordeaux as a banana, are getting harder and harder to pull off.

In case you missed it

Most people in the world believe they can lead a “comfortable life” on $10 million, according to a recent study. Americans have a different opinion. In the United States, the majority of respondents say they would need at least 100 million dollars to live an ideal life, in stark contrast to the Russians and Indians, who indicate they could get by on $1 million or less.

Advice you can trust

  • Rampant inflation may make you think of ask for a raise but employers may be less receptive as the Great Resignation slows and the labor market weakens. If you can’t negotiate extra padding in your paycheck, here are a few other requests you can try, ranging from more vacation time to a four-day work week.
  • Although the data indicates that the rise of remote working can boost workforce diversity, there is still much to consider to ensure equity in career development. From clear promotion policies to leadership acceleration programs, here’s what workplaces need to keep in mind to ensure a level playing field in the age of working from home.

Must-see video

Adding AI to healthcare will reduce overhead for everyone

Lisa Davis, CIO of California health insurer Blue Shield, is determined to harness data to create a more personalized and streamlined experience for patients after the pandemic revealed a need for improved digital innovation in healthcare .

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