Does Wordle have a mobile app? Is he likely to get one?

The Wordle web app works well on mobile, but now that The New York Times owns the game, could a dedicated app be on the way?

The Wordle home page with just one guess:

The New York Times’ purchase of Wordle has some users excited and others furious. Those angry with the purchase fear Wordle is behind a paywall to increase digital subscribers. Users are also upset that The New York Times changed the wordlist.

For others, buying Wordle is exciting because it means there is potential to expand the functionality of the game. For example, many people are interested in a mobile app. Currently, there is no official Wordle application.

But does buying The New York Times mean we’re likely to get one?

Will there be a Wordle app?

The New York Times’ purchase of Wordle means there’s money to be spent on game development. After all, The New York Times is one of the most popular newspapers in the country. The New York Times is also popular for its crossword puzzles, which have hundreds of thousands of players every day.

The New York Times currently has a native app for its crosswords, reporting that the company may also create a Wordle app.

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However, at this time, The New York Times has not announced a Wordle app. But based on the New York Times track record, we might get a standalone Wordle app. Alternatively, Wordle could be added to the games section on The New York Times app.


Will users want a mobile app?

While many people want to extend the functionality of Wordle, some fear that a Wordle application will create problems. This is because the New York Times Crossword Puzzle app requires you to have a subscription to play. Although the Daily Mini is free, most users must subscribe to The New York Times to use the app.

A Wordle app may be similar in some ways, where you need a subscription to access all game features. Although this is just speculation, The New York Times is trying to increase its digital subscribers and probably didn’t buy Wordle just to keep it free.

Anyway, at the moment there is no Wordle app and no sign of it coming out soon. So we can enjoy it for free on the mobile site at the moment.

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