Dystopian documentary thriller Papers, Please hits iOS and Android on August 5

The self-proclaimed “dystopian documentary thriller” papers please gets a new mobile port for iOS and Android on August 5 as a paid standalone app.

The news was announced on Twitter by the game’s indie developer, Lucas Pope. papers please was originally released on PC in 2013, with an iPad-only version launching in 2014 and a PlayStation Vita port in 2017.

On Twitter, Pope joked that the game was now “on track for a console release in 2031”.

When the game launched in 2013, Pope said The edge this papers please was inspired by his frequent trips through immigration “and the realization that inspecting documents in a game setting could be fun”. The game is set in the fictional Soviet state of Arstotzka, with the player manning an immigration counter and tasked with checking travelers’ documents against an increasingly complicated set of rules and regulations.

Responding to questions on Twitter, Pope said the new mobile port will have an interface designed for smaller screens. “No zoom. My vision is terrible and I wanted the game to feel natural on a phone,” he said.

He added that the game would be available as an update to the 2014 iPad app and that iOS 11 would be the minimum supported operating system. It’s unclear what the requirement for Android will be or how much the game will cost.

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