Flutter 2.8 improves performance of mobile applications

The latest edition of the cross-platform development framework, Flutter, promises faster startups and value for money for mobile apps. In addition, it improves the connection with the back-end.

Power increase for Flutter which has just released version 2.8 with several improvements. As a reminder, this is a cross-platform open source toolkit for building web, mobile and desktop applications. Its release coincided with the release of version 1.0 of the 2D Flame game engine built into Flutter for game development.

In the latest iteration, Flutter gives pride of place to mobile applications. Google reported that theirs is based on Flutter 2.8 and that it starts up faster and uses less memory. The firm specifies that it has taken advantage of the experience of its large applications such as Pay to make Flutter more efficient and to offer better profiling and optimization tools.

An effort in back-end services

Flutter 2.8 also makes it easy to connect to major services like Firebase and Google Cloud. Support for Google Ads is provided in production mode, along with important updates on camera support and built-in web plugins. The framework also includes Dart 2.15, a programming language update that provides improvements in concurrency, enumeration, and memory consumption. It also offers several features for developers, such as hot reloading. Google plans to create a Firebase-based widget to handle authentication. It will be able to handle two-factor authentication and reset the user’s password.

Today, the framework is the source of 375,000 applications on the Google Play Store, as well as iOS applications on the Apple App Store. Beyond Flutter 2.8, project teams will invest in developer expertise in 2022, including language improvements, documentation updates, and high-level abstractions to build sophisticated applications. Support for the stable desktop version must also be terminated. Interoperability with other platforms will also be extended.

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