Innovative Health Tech, Inc. Announces Launch of 988 Talk Mobile App to Promote New 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline Phone Number

988 Talk is the first app in a suite of solutions offered by Innovative Health Tech to solve mental health problems.

LAS VEGAS, NV – March 28, 2022 – Innovative Health Tech, Inc. (“IHT”), a nonprofit organization dedicated to solving mental health issues with a focus on suicide prevention, today announced the launch of its mobile app 988 Talk.

Following one of the highest rates of depression, anxiety and suicide in recorded history, 988 couldn’t have come at a better time. Even before the effects of a global pandemic, global economic downturn and heightened international conflict, 988 was enacted to become the new suicide prevention hotline number.

The three-digit number not only makes it easier to remember during a mental health crisis, but also sets it apart from 911, which was designed to respond to criminal acts and other emergencies.

A need that has not been addressed by 988 is that of long-term care for those at risk. In many cases, people are left on hold for more than 30 minutes when calling the suicide hotline. Callers often have to call back repeatedly in the days, weeks and months after their first call, which overloads the system.

IHT took the initiative to create a mobile app for people with depression as well as those who want to help someone else struggling with mental health issues. The platform, available on the web, Apple and Android, connects those seeking long-term mental health care with professionals.

Co-founder and tech entrepreneur Byron Booker said, “Our team has a long history of supporting mental health initiatives, and we wanted to put our gifts and talents to work to make a positive impact during this crisis.

IHT asks its professionals to offer a limited free trial before loading, but it is not a requirement to join the program. 988 Talk also offers mental health tips and reminders to help with long-term prevention.

988 Talk has already partnered with many mental health nonprofits. It’s even partnered with a mindful NFT series called Coach Koala to help spread awareness about the app. For more information visit

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About Innovative Health Technologies

Innovative Health Tech, Inc. (“IHT”) is a medical technology organization operating in the mental health industry. IHT is based in Las Vegas, NV and recently launched its first mobile app called 988 Talk. 988 Talk is the first mobile app in a suite of apps each created to address different mental health issues.

About 988Talk:

988 Talk is a web-based telemedicine platform and mobile app that connects those seeking long-term mental health services with mental health support providers and advice. 988 Talk connects directly to the 988 suicide prevention hotline which will go into effect July 16, 2022.

For more information, visit

About Coach Koala:

Coach Koala is a collection of 5,000 mental health NFTs. Coach Koala NFTs gives collectors access to in-person and live events, the mindful Tranquil metaverse, and proceeds from the sale support the development of mental health products like the 988 Talk app and more.

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