iPhone 14: The biggest design changes we could see next week

Apples rumored iPhone 14 set to debut on September 7 at its next launch event. But before the big announcement, fans are wondering what the new iPhone will look like. Only Apple has the answer for now, although the ever-swirling rumor mill has given us some clues as to the possible design of the iPhone 14.

We’ll update this story as we learn more, so be sure to bookmark this page for later. Here’s what we’ve heard so far, gossip about a plus durable titanium alloy body to a notchless screen. For more iPhone 14 rumors, check out everything we heard about it release date and the price. Moreover, here all the new features we want to see.

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What iOS 16 can tell us about the iPhone 14


iPhone 14 screen: take it down a notch

This one has been around for years, but one of the biggest rumors is about what the iPhone 14 won’t have. After introducing the notch on the iPhone X in 2017, Apple may finally ditch it this year. The company will trade it in for a smaller punch-hole camera in the Pro models, according to famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. A punch-hole design refers to a screen with only a small circular cutout for the front camera, as seen on a number of Samsung launches like the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy ZFlip 3.

Instead of a punch-hole design, display analyst Ross Young speculates that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will have a pill-shaped hole and cutout to accommodate the front camera and Face ID. The pill-shaped cutout would house the front camera and Face ID, while the punch-hole would be for the Face ID dot projector, according to a January report from MacRumors. The hole and pill design is depicted in rumored renders of the Pro published by 91Mobiles. Meanwhile, alleged renders on MySmartPrice show the base iPhone 14 keeping the notch.

Right now, the notch houses the components that make Face ID work, which means Apple may have to scale back all that technology to make a notchless iPhone a reality. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also hinted at the notch removal in his Power On newsletter in September last year, in which he predicted a “complete redesign” for the iPhone 14.

The alleged iPhone 14 hole and pill display appeared in diagrams on Chinese social media site Weibo, and was later shared on YouTube by leaker Jon Prosser. While we don’t know what the iPhone design will look like until it’s revealed, the schematics offer a glimpse of the possible display of the next iPhone.


A purported diagram of the iPhone 14 screen shared on YouTube by Jon Prosser.

Jon Prosser

iPhone 14 camera design: bumping into each other

Another design feature that would be on Apple’s list to remove is that big camera bump. The iPhone 13 line features a protruding camera bump, which houses two or three lenses depending on the model. According to Prosser, who has a Random Accuracy record, the iPhone of the future will eliminate the bump entirely, which could mean a thicker chassis for the camera components. According to Prosser, the iPhone 14 body is going to be a “fat boy”. But could it be thick enough to include all that camera hardware without the chunky rear camera setup? I take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Speaking of losing weight, Leaker ShrimpApplePro tweeted that the Pro Max version of the iPhone 14 will come with smaller bezels than the iPhone 13 Pro Max.


Early renders of Jon Prosser’s iPhone 14 suggest a notchless design and a flush camera setup.

Jon Prosser

iPhone 14 chassis: stronger and lighter

Talking about the iPhone chassis, Prosser also said that the The iPhone 14 Pro could get a titanium alloy body for the first time, replacing the stainless steel one. This rumor was first mentioned in a 2021 report from JP Morgan Chase’s China office. Apple has used a titanium alloy in some Apple Watch models before, including the Series 7. Titanium alloy rivals steel in toughness, while weighing less than stainless steel. Titanium is also more resistant to scratches, corrosion and bending.

Size of the iPhone 14: identical but different frames for the Pro models

Apple’s last two iPhone lines have featured the same 6.1-inch size for the base model, going up to 6.7-inches for the Pro Max. According to a Nikkei Asian Review report in July last year, Apple will stick to these sizes for the iPhone 14 series, but will eliminate the 5.4-inch Mini. This rumor is corroborated by a 9to5Mac March Report. Reports have shown sluggish iPhone 12 Mini salesso it will be no surprise if Apple ends up phasing out the tiny phone in 2022.

Although the size of the next iPhone is expected to remain the same, the Pro Max’s display bezels are said to be 20% smaller compared to previous iPhone generations, according to CAD renders shared in April by Leaked Twitter ShrimpApplePro. This means the screen would be slightly larger. However, it is important to note that this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt since ShrimpApplePro does not have an extensive track record to back up their speculations.

Will the iPhone 14 bend?

Probably not. To be clear, we cannot say for sure if a Foldable iPhone will never see the light of day, but I remain hopeful that it can happen in the next few years. A Bloomberg report in January says Apple already has a working foldable screen prototype for the iPhone, but hasn’t confirmed a launch schedule. Other outlets, including Taiwan’s Economic Daily, have identified 2022 as the year the foldable iPhone will come to fruition, while others are suggesting 2023. Display analyst Ross Young, however, suggests foldable iPhone could be delayed until 2025.

Remember the iPhone 13 was an increment upgrade from iPhone 12. That means it potentially sets the stage for a drastic design overhaul when the iPhone 14 or 15 arrives, much like Apple has revamped the look of its phones with the iPhone X.

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