Is BeReal a really authentic social media app?

Once a user clicks on the notification, BeReal takes a photo using their phone’s front and back cameras at the same time. The photos are then automatically posted to a feed for your friends to see, in an effort to make social media more authentic. Unlike Instagram, there’s no highly edited and staged moment where you choose the best of 40 photos shot from three angles. But that doesn’t mean users aren’t working on BeReal – or that the content is engaging.

And lack of curation sometimes means discovering news you’d rather not know.

Kelly P., a 25-year-old photographer from Ohio who didn’t want her last name used for fear it could cause even more real-life drama, told BuzzFeed News she learned via the app that all her friends were hanging around without her.

“It showed me last night that a group of our friends were celebrating one of my best friend’s engagements without me,” she said.

“It literally made me feel worse than Instagram,” she said. “I was like, What is this alternate reality I live in?

There was no description under the photo because BeReal has no caption. But it gave Kelly a pang of jealousy she didn’t know what to do with.

As someone who already struggles to keep my screen time below 12 hours a day, the idea of ​​keeping my notifications and phone handy in order to perform authenticity seems immediately counterproductive.

There are also many other rules to follow: no filters, no scheduled posts, no drafts, no backlog of posts on your profile, no hashtags and no re-posting more than once a day. day. You must post to see your friends’ posts for the day. You can post late, but everyone will get a notification about it.

Zesha Saleem, a 20-year-old writer, can’t stand the “urgency” of the app. She told BuzzFeed News it gave her “the 2016 Snapchat series vibe.”

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