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Italian rescue workers located the bodies of seven people killed in a helicopter crash on Saturday, authorities said, two days after the plane disappeared from radar screens in a mountainous area.

“Rescuers found dead the seven passengers of the helicopter, four of Turkish nationality and two of Lebanese nationality, who were on a business trip to Italy. As well as the Italian pilot”, indicated the prefecture of Modena in a press release. . statement.

The helicopter took off Thursday morning from Lucca in Tuscany. It was heading for the northern city of Treviso when it was caught in a storm over a remote area before flight systems lost track of the helicopter.

Rider reporting helps locate crash site

Colonel Alfonso Cipriano, who leads the Air Force search operation, said rescuers went to the crash site after a mountain runner reported seeing it. which he thought was part of the helicopter during an excursion on Mount Cusna on Saturday morning.

Aircrews confirmed the site, and searchers initially found five corpses before later discovering two more, Cipriano told The Associated Press. The location was in a difficult to access and heavily wooded valley.

The four Turkish businessmen who died worked for Eczacibasi Consumer Products, a subsidiary of the large Turkish industrial group Eczacibasi. The company said in a statement that it was with “great pain and sadness” that its plant manager, toilet paper manager at its Yalova province plant, investment projects manager and production manager at its factory in Manisa province had passed away and conveyed his condolences.

The crash site was about 10 kilometers (six miles) from where rescuers began searching based on the latest pings from passengers’ cellphones, which indicate a person’s condition. network location. Given the difficult terrain, Cipriano said it might have taken hours more, if not days, to find the helicopter without the runner’s suggestion.

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