Jets QB Zach Wilson says he deleted social media apps from phone before training camp

Zach Wilson has developed a way to handle the scrutiny that comes with playing quarterback in the white-hot spotlight. It’s not by silencing his critics, but rather by removing his access to the social media apps they appear on.

Wilson, who turned 23 on Wednesday, said this week he deleted all those apps from his phone before training camp. It’s a practice he started at BYU.

“I mean, I’m not a big social media guy,” Wilson said. “I don’t have access to that stuff. I keep my mind here with the guys and in the playbook and with our coaches and I learn from what those guys tell me.”

Wilson has a social media team that handles this stuff for him. He admits that they will send him things for approval from time to time. But when it comes to reading the daily speculation about Wilson in a critical Year 2, he says he’s completely unaware of it.

Wilson has plenty of ground to gain after an uneven rookie season after the Jets made him the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. He threw for 2,334 yards, completing 55.6% of his assists with a 9-11 TD-INT ratio, during what was at times a trying campaign due to injury.

With the Jets having loaded offensive plays to surround him this offseason, Wilson has become the center of attention even more. But he says he hears none of this talk.

“Who’s watching? I mean, I’m sorry – I don’t read any of your stuff guys,” Wilson said with a smile. “It’s only (substitute QB Joe) Flacco scouting me in our ping pong tournaments that we have outside of that.”

It’s not just the football elements that Wilson is drawn into on social media. It might be expected to come with the territory of playing quarterback in New York, but Wilson has found himself amid gossip and off-court drama this offseason related to his mother, who has an active presence on social networks and more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

“For me, it’s about limiting the voices that I really need to hear,” Wilson said. “And right now, I’m hearing what my coaches have to say, what other quarterbacks have to say, and really my teammates and what we think every game.”

Wilson even joked, “Even parents, sometimes, can be a distraction.”

This therefore means that subscribers to his channels will see filtered news, via his social media team. But Wilson wants them – and everyone else – to know that he’s now fully focused on his first team: the Jets.

“I want to be locked in to what’s happening on our grounds and in our meeting rooms,” he said.

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