Jose Mourinho sends message to Man City and Chelsea fans ahead of Champions League final


Former Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has praised the impact of supporters in the stadium ahead of this weekend’s Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea.

The two Premier League teams face off in Porto in pursuit of European football’s greatest honor, with the match played in front of 16,500 supporters.

Following a campaign where fans were unable to attend games due to the lingering coronavirus pandemic, the return of fans for a European final could have a huge impact on the game.

Mourinho believes the game is totally different when played without supporters, adding that there are games in his career that he says have been won due to the presence of supporters.

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“People play with everything they have, and when the stadiums were full, the home crowds, they played amazing. Incredibly well for their home teams. And that’s also very, very important. in the last two seasons without fans, this power of the supporters, the fans playing football with their teams has not happened. It has not happened again, so it becomes more of a football game just on the grass. But football is much more than that. Football is with people in the stands playing with their players, and we miss that, “he said in an interview with Mastercard.

“To win these competitions you have to be a great team. You have to have the same feeling when they [fans] are not there, they are playing with you.

“When you play for example in Barcelona with 79,000 Barcelona fans and one of your, 1,000 of your fans – you can’t play like there are 1,000 of them. You have to think of those who are at home and they can’t travel, and they don’t have travel conditions, they don’t have tickets to go to the stadium… you have to play with them.

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“To bring the emotion of the fans into the game, into the equation, you can only get stronger. I really believe in the power of the fans. I even use the phrase ‘they don’t support, they don’t push. , they play.” And I’ve had so many games where I felt like I won because they played.

“You know, with the fans, you feel more energetic, for sure. From the fans, that passion, that noise, that energy, that pressure. Even far away, even … the fans of other clubs, that antagonism … of course we need this. “

The two clubs received a total of 6,000 tickets for the final, although Chelsea returned 800 unsold tickets to UEFA.

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