Kuching malls use mobile app for parking payment


If you haven’t noticed, several malls in Kuching now use a mobile app for parking payment.

Although not all shopping centers use the automated system, it is installed in many shopping centers and also in buildings.

The system is not exactly new, first introduced, if I’m not mistaken, at CityOne Megamall Kuching.

It was then featured in Plaza Merdeka, The Spring, and now six other malls (including Summer Mall in Samarahan) and one building, as you can see below.

It is easy to identify malls or buildings using the system because parking barriers with the system no longer issue parking tickets for cars entering its parking area.

Instead, car plate numbers are scanned using a scanner at the entrance and synced to the mobile app.

As well as reducing the hassle when entering the parking area, using such a system also means that the unpleasant odor that usually accompanies underground parking will not enter the car as the windscreen will no longer need to be lowered to take the parking ticket.

However, you must ensure that your plate number is in good condition so that it can be read by the scanner.

How to Pay for Parking in Kuching Using Apps

If you are in Kuching and need/want to use mobile app for parking, you need to have two apps, i.e. S-Pay Global (Sarawak Pay) Wallet app and account, and app parking lot known as Pay & Go. .

You can download both apps from the link below:

Once installation and registration is complete, click on the Pay & Go app and go to Parking.

Here you will need to choose the parking space/mall you are using, and once selected you will need to enter your car’s plate number.

Enter your car number and click ‘OK’.

This will take you to S-Pay where you will need to make payment for the parking time you have used.

Make and confirm the payment, and once the payment has been made, the S-Pay Global app will redirect you to the Pay&Go app and show that your payment has been made.

You can now leave the parking lot with ease.

A system that has reduced a lot of hassle

Using the mobile app to pay for parking at selected shopping malls and parking lots in Kuching does indeed reduce queues.

It is not only easy to use, but also very practical. Many appreciated its implementation due to its ease of use.

Although not all malls and public places have adopted the system, it is hoped that the system will be expanded in the near future.

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