Ligado and Point One Navigation to deliver precise and ubiquitous location to the automotive, agriculture and robotics industries

Point One’s Polaris unlocks greater than 10cm absolute accuracy for a wide range of mobile assets with a coast-to-coast footprint in the United States and the cover through Europe. It offers a variety of connectivity options, including delivery over the now ubiquitous cellular L-band. The service meets the strict safety and reliability requirements of automotive customers. Point One’s proprietary design features advanced anti-jamming, interference mitigation, end-to-end security, and automatic integrity monitoring unmatched by any other vendor.

Point One plans to deploy mobile satellite service on commercial electric vehicles to begin with, starting in early 2022 and in other automotive, transportation, agricultural and other mobile robotic platforms during the multi-year agreement between Point One and Ligado. The companies will also work together to advance and optimize GNSS augmentation delivery using the unique beamforming capabilities of Ligado’s SkyTerra satellite network.

“We are delighted to partner with Point One to provide accurate and highly available location information to commercial vehicles,” said the CEO of Ligado. Doug smith. “Point One’s innovative positioning network and Fusion Engine software improve operational capabilities in the same critical industry segments that Ligado will support with our 5G mobile private network solutions. Commercial transportation, agriculture and industrial operations increasingly constitute critical infrastructure and require assured coverage, availability and security. mobile networks and technological platforms on which they are based.

“Ligado’s SkyTerra satellite network is the perfect complement to our existing cellular service,” said Aaron Nathan, CEO of Point One Navigation. “We now offer true coast-to-coast availability and provide a secure, redundant signal for critical positioning applications. Ligado’s unique beamforming capabilities allowed us to deliver a cost effective mass market solution. “

About Ligado Networks

Drawing on 25 years of experience in delivering mission-critical satellite connectivity, our mission is to modernize U.S. businesses by delivering the secure and reliable 5G connectivity solutions needed to transform their operations and achieve the efficiency of a digital world. Our plans to deploy licensed mid-band spectrum in public and private 5G networks will help pave the way for future innovations and economic growth across America. For more information visit the Ligado website at

About Point One navigation

The vehicles, equipment and devices of tomorrow require precise knowledge of their location to be safe and efficient in the real world. Point One provides the first accurate positioning solution that is both cost effective and works anywhere. Satellite navigation, computer vision and sensor fusion form the basis of Point One’s tracking platform. Point One outperforms other options by tightly coupling the strengths of different sensor modalities and intelligently using proprietary data. Point One is headquartered at San Francisco, California. For more information, visit the Point One website at

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