New VoiceThread mobile app experience

VoiceThread is a collaborative multimedia presentation and discussion tool that can be used to create assignments that encourage student discussion and build community in asynchronous learning settings.

Students can participate at any time by text, audio or video. The conversations are not live; they take place when and where students can participate, including from their mobile devices.

VoiceThread recently updated the VoiceThread mobile app, delivering better performance and more intuitive navigation. The biggest update to the VT mobile app is for people using formal assignments through Blackboard. This update gives learners access to the student gallery so they can view and comment on their classmates’ submissions. The ability to access the Student Gallery on the VT mobile app will make it easier for students to complete their work on the go.

You can download the VoiceThread app from Google Play, App Store for IPhone and IPad and Amazon App Store.

To learn more about VoiceThread and how to get started, visit the VoiceThread page on the CATE website or request an appointment with one of CATE’s instructional designers for one-on-one help getting started with VoiceThread.

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