“A recurring frustration for providers and patients is sharing information from different institutions while maintaining strict confidentiality.” said David Grand Pre, Sr. Director Product, Novarad. “Being able to quickly send large digital files like medical images with an integrated viewer anywhere in the world simplifies access, improves patient outcomes and lowers the cost of delivering world-class care anywhere.”

CryptoChart Lite solves the challenge of siled systems and enables sharing of medical imaging and reports without CDs, usernames, passwords or portals. Patient information, URL, and a complex password are embedded in a hyper-secure, shareable, machine-readable QR code. With no software to install, users simply drag and drop medical images onto the secure web client using their computer or mobile device. CryptoChart Lite can receive any DICOM image when uploaded. Once received, the files are compressed, encrypted and sent to the Novarad ObjectVault® cloud system. Although the service is available worldwide, the data is stored securely in United States and complies with HIPAA guidelines. To access the unique QR code, a doctor or patient can simply point a mobile device or barcode scanner at the code and access only the data that has been encrypted and shared.

“The CryptoChart Lite service is exactly the prescription needed by healthcare professionals frustrated with barriers to accessing medical images. It’s like a medical Dropbox. Technology should make it easier to deliver patient care, not get in the way,” said Dr. Wendell Gibby, Founder and CEO, Novarad. “The Lite version allows installations around the world to try out the CryptoChart platform. We’ve made it simple with no registration required. Just drag and drop the file.”

To access the free version of CryptoChart Lite, healthcare providers and hospitals around the world can visit:, or point your mobile or QR scanner at the code, and you can try it out for yourself. Simple, hyper-secure and fast.

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