Now register your pet dog with Chandigarh MC via mobile app

In order to facilitate the registration of pet dogs, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (MC) has integrated the online registration service with the mobile application “Im Chandigarh”.

While sharing the information, MC Commissioner Anindita Mitra said, “The mobile app will facilitate seamless check-in of pet dogs.”

Stressing the need to register pet dogs, the commissioner said pet dogs should also be protected by having them vaccinated against rabies by a government or private veterinarian, duly registered with the Veterinary Council of India or the State Veterinary Council, adding that residents should maintain the vaccination record after having it certified by the vaccination authorities.

Now register your pet dog with Chandigarh MC via mobile app

In addition to registering pet dogs and presenting the vaccination certificate, pet dog regulations require that the dog be kept on a leash when out for a walk, ferocious dogs be muzzled, and a metal registration token is displayed on the dog’s collar at all times. The regulations allow only two dogs per family and prohibit the breeding of dogs for commercial purposes.

In the event that a pet defecates in the open, its owner must clean up after it. Regulations prohibit pet dogs from entering Sukhna Lake and public parks and gardens, such as Rose Garden, Rock Garden, Leisure Valley, Shanti Kunj, Terrace Garden and Garden of Fragrance.

If the dog bites a person or causes any other damage to that person or their property, compensation must be paid by its owner. Dog carcasses cannot be thrown out in the open and must be buried in the burial spaces reserved by MC. So far, approximately 9,500 pet dogs have been registered with MC.

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