Petal Maps debuts at MWC 2022, showcasing a full-scenario ecosystem with mapping services at its core

The Petal Maps platform opens its mapping services and capabilities to developers and partners around the world, providing comprehensive mapping solutions to enterprises and service providers in industries that depend on the geographic positioning of their products and services, opening up a whole new perspective on the future of mobility life.

Innovative technologies and multi-device collaboration deliver unbeatable browsing features

Petal Maps’ lane guidance feature helps drivers accurately assess route changes when faced with complex road scenarios, with timely reminders on when to change lanes to avoid missing an exit or to go out. Petal Maps also provides an offline map feature that allows drivers to search and navigate without an internet connection, ensuring hassle-free navigation at all times with pre-downloaded map data.

Additionally, multi-device and multi-screen collaboration functionality, such as watch coordination navigation, enables route guidance by simply raising your wrist; P50 Pocket smartphone – the main screen displays navigation while the cover screen allows quick access to notifications. This truly innovative feature was a focal point of MWC 2022.

Natural color and 3D the architecture displays a real environment

The stunning visual presentation effects of Petal Maps are achieved through the adoption of the original color ring concept of the Practical Color Coordinate System (PCCS) which enables a truly realistic and vivid recreation of the natural world while refining and enhancing enhancing street and building details to provide a more immersive user experience. Petal Maps highlights the color contrast between different regions and routes, distinguishes cities from suburbs while visually showing elevation differentiation between adjacent roads. With its state-of-the-art interactive UI design experience, Petal Maps won the German Red Dot Design Award 2021.

Petal Maps has applied its 3D feature processing to Barcelona eight key landmarks, including Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, Sagrada Familia Basilica, Casa Milà, Camp Nou Stadium and Plaça de Catalunya, to provide a stunning level of detail when viewing these famous locations .

To cite just one example, the detail of the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via that can be seen in the 3D representation of Petal Maps. In In addition, highways and expressways in key countries support 3D road display.

Petal Maps has partnered with many life service providers to provide access to multiple nearby services, including taxi pick-up, hotel reservations and food ordering, as well as entertainment venue information and local hotspots, meeting user needs and also providing partners with new sources of traffic alongside development opportunities. With this release, Petal Maps launches travel guides with comprehensive and detailed information about Barcelona hotels, restaurants, museums and other points of interest.

Openness of capabilities and cooperation of partners create a mapping ecosystem

Petal Maps has also integrated its own mapping and positioning capabilities, providing complete and comprehensive mapping service solutions to empower developers and partners. At present, the Petal Maps platform comes with 22 service features including indoor positioning, elevation and map editing for developers and operators in taxi, takeaway , logistics, e-commerce, hotel, restaurant and social media, helping partners significantly reduce development costs and effectively achieve digital transformation.

Since its launch in 2020, the Petal Maps app has grown rapidly, with a substantial footprint in over 160 countries and regions with some 20 million monthly active users globally. Petal Maps plans to continue to enrich the capabilities of the platform, identify and integrate new cutting-edge technologies as well as collaborate with leaders in navigation technology to further perfect the mapping ecosystem and improve the experience. user.


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