Samsung will release a software update to address app throttling issues on its devices

Following numerous reports of Samsung throttling the performance of certain apps, the company has now issued a statement. Spokeswoman Kelly Yeo said The edge that Samsung plans to roll out a software update soon that will return optimization control to users.

“We appreciate the feedback we receive on our products and after careful consideration, we plan to roll out a software update soon so that users can monitor performance while running gaming applications,” it reads. To optimize gaming performance on its phones, Samsung had introduced GOS (Game Optimizing Service), which would help reduce battery consumption and overheating issues. Users have however raised concerns about many performance issues where apps like Netflix, Instagram. Even the device’s default phone dialer would malfunction.

The performance throttling affected around 10,000 apps on the Google Play Store, with benchmarking apps such as 3DMark being an exception. This would prevent lags and other optimization issues from revealing themselves.

However, a Korean YouTuber managed to get GOS to rate 3D Mark as Genshin Impact (one of the few games that showed a drop in performance). When running a side-by-side benchmark, they found that the score was cut by more than half. The GOS app comes pre-installed on the Galaxy S21 and some older devices, and may even be unremovable on the Galaxy S22.

In an effort to deliver better gaming performance, Samsung was essentially limiting its power on other apps without letting users know – conserving battery life. This isn’t the first time a phone company has slowed the performance of its devices. Apple backed up these claims in 2017, saying it was done in order to prevent battery issues and unexpected shutdowns.

OnePlus had also taken similar action with its flagship 9 series in 2021. The company admitted to limiting the performance of around 300 apps on the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, including Google Chrome.

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