Study shows Albuquerque drivers rely heavily on GPS

Brianna Wilson

Updated: April 05, 2022 09:57
Created: April 04, 2022 12:04

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Technology has come a long way over the past decade and changed the way we do a lot of things. For example, a new national survey conducted by North Star Inbound shows that 93% of Americans rely heavily on their GPS when driving and one in five respondents said they use it every day.

Of more than a thousand drivers surveyed in Albuquerque, 23% said they depended on mobile navigation systems.

“We also found that 11%, or just over 1 in 10, of Albuquerque drivers said they were extremely likely to get lost without their GPS,” said Matt Zajechowski, director of relationships with the media for North Star. incoming

He also said that exactly 25% of Albuquerque subway drivers couldn’t go more than a week without using their GPS.

There are benefits, like navigating to new locations or bigger cities, as well as receiving real-time updates on traffic patterns and construction alerts.

“There are times when I’ve taken the same route a million times and then it will take me another way, but I’m glad it did because you see what was there. and you end up saving time,” Zajechowski said.

He added that GPS systems can be dangerous if not used correctly. Zajechowski cited some AAA safety tips for minimizing distractions:

1. Program your GPS before you start your car.

“Then if you need to change course – or the directions change – just pull off the road in a safe area,” Zajechowski said.

2. Use your vehicle’s navigation screen if you have it, instead of using GPS on your cell phone.

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