Syracuse ends Florida State’s 25-game home streak with 63-60 win: live score, updates

The Syracuse basketball team will face Florida State at 4 p.m. Saturday at the Donald L. Tucker Center.

The game will be televised on the ACC network.

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Final: Syracuse 63, Florida State 60.

Second part

Swider logs on to both freebies. FSU has two chances to score at 3 points, but both shots are missed. Syracuse wins and ends Florida State’s 25-game home winning streak in conference.

Jimmy Boeheim gets into Swider, who is fouled and will go to the free throw line for a chance to give Syracuse a three-point lead.

Time out at 12.5 seconds: Syracuse 61, Florida State 60.

Anthony Polite returns the ball in transition and Syracuse recovers the ball with 12.5 seconds left.

Time out at 31.8 seconds: Syracuse 61, Florida State 60.

Osborne pierces a corner 3 and Syracuse’s lead is reduced to one with about 30 seconds remaining in regulation time.

Cleveland slams home and Florida State lags 58-55, but Girard buries his fourth 3-point of the day to give SU a 61-55 lead. FSU keeps Caleb Mills counters with a layup.

Matthew Cleveland ends with a contact from Jesse Williams, who picks up his fifth foul and is disqualified. Cleveland converts the game to 3 points and runs FSU 58-53.

Time out at 3:58 am: Syracuse 58, Florida State 49.

Cole Swider responds to a 3-point FSU with a triple to give Syracuse a 58-49 lead.

Time out at 5:11 am: Syracuse 55, Florida State 44.

Buddy Boeheim slips a pass inside Jesse Edwards for a timely dunk to give SU a 55-44 lead.

Cole Swider buries a contested triple to give Syracuse a 52-42 lead. He has 11 points and nine rebounds.

Time out at 8:08 am: Syracuse 49, Florida State 42.

After a series of movements, Jimmy Boeheim lowers floats back to back. He has 12 points on 5 shots out of 11.

Joe Girard connects on a 3-point pullback to give Syracuse a 45-40 lead. He has 13 points, a game-high, and three rebounds.

Time out at 10:46 am: Syracuse 43, Florida State 40.

McLeod scores from a two-handed dunk. Florida State is 43-40 halfway through the second half.

Swider gives Syracuse their biggest lead of the game at five points after connecting on a triple. Florida State hasn’t made a basket in the last five minutes.

Jesse Edwards grabs an offensive rebound and fumbles the grip, but Jimmy Boeheim grabs it and hits a float to give Syracuse a 38-37 lead over FSU. Buddy Boeheim scores a layup in the next game, giving the Orange a three-point lead. Syracuse is on an 11-0 streak.

Girard connects on the two free throws to bring Syracuse to four points behind Florida State, down 37-33. Jesse Edwards capitalizes on a 3-point game after being fouled in a lay-up attempt and Syracuse is down by one point.

Time out at 2:54 p.m.: Florida State 37, Syracuse 31.

Girard steals a pass for a quick break. He gets his shot blocked by Evans, but it’s called a foul and Girard will shoot a pair of free throws after the media timeout.

Time out at 5:24 p.m.: Florida State 35, Syracuse 29.

Joe Girard continues on his third 3 points of the evening. He has a team record of nine points for Syracuse. Jesse Edwards scores a layup to bring the FSU’s deficit to 35-29.

Malik Osborne knocks down a 3 corner to give Florida State a 35-24 halftime lead.

Halftime: Florida State 32, Syracuse 24.

Jimmy Boeheim and Joe Girard lead Syracuse with six points each. Cole Swider has five points and five rebounds. Buddy Boeheim is 1 in 5 in the field for two points, two rebounds and two assists.

Syracuse struggled to shoot the ball, making 8 of 35 (23%) attempts from the field. However, the Orange is still in the game thanks to its four 3 points. Florida State shoots 42% of 13-31 from the ground, including 1 in 13 from deep.

First half

Mills drains a mid-range shot to give Florida State a 30-20 lead with just under three minutes before halftime.

Buddy Boeheim finds Jimmy for a layup, but McLeod counter with a layup after grabbing an offensive rebound at the other end.

Time out at 3:18 am: Florida State 25, Syracuse 17.

Florida State took the biggest lead of the afternoon (11) on a McLeod dunk, but Joe Girard countered with a big 3 points.

Syracuse shoots 5 of 30 from the ground.

Cole Swider ends FSU’s 9-0 run with a midrange jumper, giving him five points and five rebounds.

5:03 a.m. timeout: Florida State 22, Syracuse 12.

Syracuse didn’t score in the last 3 and a half minutes, ceding a 6-0 streak to FSU. Polite was fouled in transition by Joe Girard and made the layup to give FSU a 22-12 lead.

McCloud pins Jimmy Boeheim’s layup to the glass and FSU breaks his scoring drought to take a 16-12 lead. A midrange jumper by Evans rises which leads to six points.

Syracuse held Florida State scoreless for the last four minutes. Frank Anselem takes a hit and Jesse Edwards comes back to center.

7:43 a.m. timeout: Florida State 14, Syracuse 12.

FSU goaltender Caleb Mills is called up for an offensive foul.

Joe Girard buries a 3 points and Syracuse leads 14-12 with 9:06 left in the first half.

Cole Swider reverses an essential 3 points in Syracuse to bring the Orange to five.

Jimmy Boeheim splits his free throw attempts coming out of the break and Syracuse lags 12-6 midway through the first half.

11:52 a.m. time-out: Florida State 12, Syracuse 5.

Jimmy Boeheim fouled while shooting a float, but Syracuse can’t buy a bucket – shooting 2 of 15 (13.3%) from the field.

Buddy Boeheim scores a left-handed layup, but Harrison Prieto counter with a jumper to give FSU a 12-5 lead with 14:14 remaining in the first half.

Two Osborne free throws give FSU a 10-3 lead after the timeout.

Time out at 3:56 p.m .: Florida State 8, Syracuse 6.

Jalen Warley walks over to the basket and converts to a layup while getting fouled. Mills followed with a treble from the top of the key, giving Florida State an 8-3 lead.

Florida State’s Caleb Mills knocks down a double-clutch shot over the baseline to open the scoring. Jimmy Boehiem against a few games later with a 3-point assist from his younger brother, Buddy.

Syracuse forces a turnaround as the shot clock ends on Florida State’s first possession, and the Seminoles return the favor on the next possession.


Saturday’s game between Syracuse (4-3) and Florida State (5-2) marks the start of the ACC game for the Orange.

Syracuse: Joe Girard, Buddy Boeheim, Cole Swider, Jimmy Boeheim and Jesse Edwards.

Florida State: Jalen Warley, Anthony Polite, Caleb Mills, Malik Osborne, and John Butler.


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