Tesla’s mobile app functionality is unmatched by electric vehicle startups, says JD Power

Smartphone apps from automakers aren’t created equal, especially when it comes to electric vehicles, according to a new study.

According to a study by J.D. Power (Going through Inside electric vehicles).

The report, JD Power’s benchmark OEM EV app study shared on Wednesday, found that drivers regularly use their apps to charge their vehicles, use features and find dealerships, among other options.

Jason Norton, Senior Director of Global Auto Consulting at JD Power, said, “For the most part, owners are still very dissatisfied with the functionality and speed of EV applications that are on the market. Norton continued, “Manufacturers need to focus more on these critical areas, creating a user experience that aligns with other frequently used consumer apps.”

The study also revealed that owners would prefer to use a free app, as many stop using their mobile apps once the free trial periods end. The top performing EV apps according to JD Power are FordPass, Tesla, MyHyundai, Kia Access and Genesis Intelligent Assistant.

“New EV start-ups need to better understand consumer expectations, ensuring their mobile apps meet the standards of established EV manufacturers like Tesla and other brands that have already worked hard on their digital offerings. “, said Fabian Chowanetz, automotive director. consulting at JD Power Europe, in a press release.

“Many of these new players in the electric vehicle market do not provide the necessary application content that owners are looking for. For example, owners want the ability to find charging stations, configure the charging process and information about electric driving or advanced technologies,” Chowanetz added.

Around 85% of users say they always want to be able to find charging stations from their apps, in case they need to find one on the road. Tesla’s mobile app incorporates this feature.

Last year, JD Power also reported that Tesla ranked second in vehicle technology among all electric vehicles offered in China.

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