The Google Recorder website has a new feature you don’t get on the Pixel mobile app

Up to 3x faster playback speed settings are now available

The Google Recorder app records audio and is able to convert it into transcriptions in real time. This Pixel-only app was last updated in March when it received Material You upgrades and landscape mode. Now, the Recorder website that allows us to play audio from our Pixel smartphones has recently added the ability to control the playback speed.

Previously, the Recorder website allowed users to play or pause an audio recording and rewind 5 seconds or skip forward 10 seconds. Now, in addition to these options, 9to5Google has confirmed that users can control playback speed with new audio controls at the bottom. Five options are currently available for setting the playback speed: 0.5x, 1x, 2.0x, 2.5x, and 3.0x. 3.0x playback speed is hard to find on music or recording apps, but can be a useful rate for finding major errors or speeding up “playback”. Additionally, the slower playback speed is essential for editors who can fix errors on the fly and catch up in real time.


It’s unclear exactly when the playback controls arrived in the web version of Google Recorder, only that they came after the March update for the Pixel app. Oddly enough, we think it’s odd that they haven’t come to the mobile app itself and would like to see them there soon.

Google introduced its Recorder app with the Pixel 4 series in 2019. The Recorder website debuted much later in March 2021 as part of adding cloud saves to the Android app.

The Recorder app and website are great tools for editing and listening to audio, but they also have some shortcomings. One request that users have been piling on is for a search function in the web version. At the moment, Google Recorder only supports audio in certain English dialects, as well as a few other languages ​​such as Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Obviously, the more languages ​​the app can support, the more people can use it. This is generally a good thing.

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