Track Vermont adventures on the go

RUTLAND, Vermont (WCAX) – There will soon be a new way to track your adventures in Vermont, while on the go.

The Rutland County-based nonprofit, “Come Alive Outside,” is developing an outdoor passport mobile app. The current paper passport is one of its flagship programs.

Participants can earn points and win prizes by visiting local parks, farmers markets and other community events.

The convenience of a digital platform would not be possible without a $40,000 donation from Killington Resort.

“You won’t forget it. You’ll always have it with you because many people don’t travel without their phone,” said Amy Laramie, Director of Communications, Events and Special Projects at Killington Resort. “While the goal is to get people off their phones, a lot of people like to know how many miles they’ve been on, where are they going, what’s the elevation, or are you still taking pictures of your adventures.”

Killington Resort says it is able to financially support community programs like this, thanks to the “Play Forever Fund” which was launched in 2020.

Come Alive Outside is using the $40,000 donation to build and roll out the free passport app by next year.

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