WFCQ 2022 Men’s Mobile App Launched

The IFF Events Mobile App for Men’s Floorball World Championships 2022 Qualifiers is now launched for iOS and Android.

Download the iOS version in the App store & Android version on google play or update your current version of the app (search: “IFF Events”).

Get all WFCQ 2022 Men’s YouTube Live Scores, Stats, News and Matches straight to your iOS or Android device! Guess the match results, collect points and win a UNIHOC ECO kit! Start by selecting your favorite teams and get social by sharing game actions or your score tips on Facebook or Twitter.

The IFF Events mobile app includes the following:

  • Latest scores, fixtures and standings
  • IFF news, tweets, Instagram posts
  • Links to YouTube matches
  • List of favorite teams and matches
  • UNIHOC guessing game, collect points and win prizes

UNIHOC contest guess the results
The best male WFCQ 2022 result guesser will win a UNIHOC ECO kit. The kit includes a water bottle, extra blades and a stick bag with the UNIHOC ECO stick.

Start guessing by clicking on the matches and choose “guess”.

You collect points in the UNIHOC Guess the result game as follows:

  • 3 points for the correct winner and the correct result
  • 2 points for the correct winner and goal difference
  • 1 point for the correct winner
  • The top 3 UNIHOC guessers with the same number of points will be ranked by most guesses 3p (correct final score) and 2p (correct winner and goal difference).

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