Xbox app gets major quality of life update

The Xbox app is getting a significant update that aims to improve the navigation, organization, and overall experience of the mobile app.

Xbox represents one of the largest gaming conglomerates and hence uses a lot of tools to give gamers the ultimate experience when using the platform. The Xbox team ensures that fans experience a great user interface, whether they’re playing on consoles, using cloud services, or participating in the Xbox mobile app. To that end, Xbox is delivering a huge quality-of-life update to the Xbox app to make browsing and searching easier.

Microsoft and the Xbox team have worked tirelessly over the past few years to deliver successful content to gamers. Some of the highest-rated Xbox games are on Game Pass, and Cloud Gaming continues to improve through constant testing and user feedback. Now, Xbox is also looking to improve the Xbox app.


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Xbox fans have had some serious issues with the search functions available on the mobile app. Sometimes keywords didn’t seem to register, or the system showed completely random titles that had nothing to do with user searches. Recently, however, the Xbox team included an update, saying they’ve heard fan calls for change. The new search settings, while currently only in beta, will hopefully make it easier for players to find titles in their Xbox digital libraries.

Officially, Xbox said improvements have been made to the mobile app’s search algorithm. These changes should serve to more accurately direct players to app titles and menus. Of course, it’s not yet clear if the update was completely successful, but as fans start testing the service, they’ll likely find that browsing their games has become easier than ever. Indeed, the platform’s library of titles is enormous, even taking into account the news that eleven games will leave Game Pass Ultimate in mid-September. The renewed search functions should therefore be welcomed with open arms.

None of this is to say that the new Xbox mobile app will be perfect. Xbox is currently working on a host of off-platform issues, the biggest of which is getting more consoles into the hands of gamers. But the Xbox team is certainly listening to fans and doing everything they can to make improvements to their services. From plenty of console freebies to a Friends and Family plan available through Game Pass, fans are enjoying plenty of quality-of-life additions to the Xbox platform. With a little patience, gamers will likely continue to see Xbox product updates, especially as the gaming industry enters one of its greatest years in recent memory.

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