Youth group launches mobile app to report crimes in Anambra

Anambra Youth Volunteer, a group, launched ‘Nche App’, a mobile application, to support efforts to address insecurity in the state.

Group leader Chukwuma Okpalaezukwu announced the development during the mobile app launch on Friday.

Communities in Anambra have been the target of attacks by gunmen in recent months, resulting in killings, kidnappings and the destruction of property.

According to NAN, Okpalaezukwu said the app will help the state government build “a prosperous, livable, safe and smart mega-state”.

He added that the app will allow residents to report safety issues within their communities.

“Nche App is a digital solution, offered voluntarily in solidarity and in support of Soludo’s smart city project,” he said.

“It is designed for people, especially young people, to report environmental monitoring and the traffic situation in the state.

“Once you download the app, you have the option to report anything. You can report anonymously or by adding your names.

“The main thing is to help the state government keep lives and property safe in the state.”

He encouraged residents, especially young people, to download the mobile app to their phones and report events in their surroundings.

In his remarks, Titus Akpudo, National Chairman of Anambra State Association of Municipal Unions, applauded the initiative.

“This type of app will also help in reporting crimes, and I call on our young people to join hands in making Anambra work,” he said.

Among the features listed on the mobile app are sections for reporting gunmen attacks, drug abuse, worship, human trafficking and fires.

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