Honey-Glazed Mushrooms With Udon Recipe (2024)

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Delicious meal! However, modifications are needed. As with other comments, use only half of the honey. In addition, don’t use all of the suggested soy sauce (a little goes a long way).Just before removing from pan to serving platter or bowls, if you have, add about 1tb spoon of toasted sesame oil.Just before eating, a spritz of lime on the noodles brings the dish alive! Note: chili oil crunch (momofoku) goes well with this dish.Dish now on family meal rotation 😎


There is no difference between button and cremini mushrooms except color; "cremini" is a marketing term invented to promote the brown button mushrooms that no one thought shoppers would buy since they were only familiar with white ones. The flavor of this dish will not be affected by substitution of white mushrooms for cremini. We just think cremini look more like wild mushrooms.


Why is this recipe hiding under all the others? So yummy and simple.I typically like my udon busy but seasoning the udon with the mushroom "sauce" and soy sauce was fantastic. I skipped the cabbage (because I didn't have any), used only 2 tbsp of butter, and topped with an egg.


Only partially true that there is no difference between “button”, cremini, and portabella. Yes, they are all they same species. But just as a green tomato and a ripened tomato of the same species will be very different in recipes, the same is true for Agaricus bisporus; the time of harvest does impact their taste, texture, moisture content and recipe they are used in. The brown color of a cremini does not come from leaving a “button” mushroom out too long, its harvested later.

Frances Leftwich

I made this for my vegan friend for Christmas dinner. I didn't use honey (he is REALLY vegan) and found it not to need sweetner . He liked it. Also used olive oil since he doesn't eat butter. Most of the carnivores ate it too.


As written I found this too sweet, but adding chili oil mostly balanced it out; in the future I will probably do 2+ tbsp honey instead of 3, and the garlic needs to be doubled and preferably have some fresh ginger added as well. I also think it could use a little rice vinegar or shaoxing added at same time as soy sauce, and I would strongly suggest shiitake over cremini; they'll take less time and kick up the umami profile. My toddler loved the plain noodles with the sauce.


My wife and I really liked this, though I think it could use a little heat. I'll probably mince a jalapeño or serrano and add with the garlic next time.


Veganized this using vegan butter and maple syrup instead of honey—delicious!


Made 1/13/2022Added tofu pressed and sautéed in ginger teriyaki sauce and sesame oil. Very good. Had to sub cilantro for scallions. Good. Also had to use soba, not udon. Lighter; soba would be fine, too.


Edit: I bet a poached egg on top would elevate the whole dish


The recipe calls for a 12” skillet as an option. It does not work. A wok maybe but not a 12” skillet. Ruined dinner.


I doubled the amount of garlic and added MSG and chili crisp. This was so good that my husband didn’t realize it was vegetarian until he had finished the whole wok.


Delicious! Used bucatini pasta, baby bellas, white mushrooms, and regular cabbage because these were the items I had. We LOVED this dish and will make it again and again. Might try adding a few red pepper flakes next time. So good!!

JM in SF

10/10. Husband and I both loved this. Definitely use the fresh noodles. The only change I made was to add about a tablespoon of minced ginger when I added the garlic. This takes a little longer to prepare than advertised but very worth it. Could sprinkle with furikake to finish.


Made with what was on hand: sh*take mushrooms, baby bok choy, and soba. Added fresh minced ginger with the garlic, and a small dollop of chili crisp. Halved the honey. Didn't have scallions, topped with cilantro instead.


Delicious and relatively quick/easy. I had more cabbage (Savoy as Napa was not available; 1 1/2 lb) and less Udon (1 lb) than in the recipe---the proportions were fine. Adding 1 tsp. of chili paste & fish sauce (2 tsp) worked well. I doubled the garlic and had plenty of sliced scallion. I think you can cut the butter to 3 tbsp. I wasn't sure how this would reheat the next day, but it was just fine. Would have appreciated directions on how long to cook frozen Udon or whether to defrost it.


Holy moly - amazing!! Added a fried egg on top and chilli crunch oil. Probably the best meal I’ve ever made


Fast, easy and delicious. Pour less honey and butter than what's said on the recipe. A good practice is to taste while cooking.It is a good starting point for playing.Variations could include ginger and lemon, fish or worcester sauce, rice vinegar, white rum reduction, a small spoon of coconut oil or some drops of sesame oil, nuts, serrano chile, etc. Not all at the same time, of course


I would not dream of adding lime to a mushroom dish. That is the strangest suggested hybrid of Japanese and, well, Mexican flavors I've ever heard. But hey, 186 NYT readers made it the most helpful comment here. Something makes me think just being cheerful and super congratulatory about one's own modifications gets a thumbs-up from readers, rather than usefulness of the actual advice.


Add chili crunch oil


Easy and delicious. I chose to use fresh Udon noodles which turned out to be the hardest item for me to source. I found them in a Japanese grocery store a few miles from me. Also, they were priced much lower than dry noodles found in supermarkets. The dish came out perfectly and will go into regular rotation.


My family and I really enjoyed this meal. One change I’d make next time is to use half the butter. I may have used slightly less honey than called for but it’s an amazing addition. I used bok choy instead of Napa cabbage. And I put some red pepper flakes on my serving and enjoyed it a lot. I’ll definitely make it again.


I double the garlic, added fish sauce, and subbed maple syrup for honey (I’m a Vermonter!). Really, really good. My toddlers ate it up and there were no leftovers


Add an egg!


Why all the hype? Come at me if you must, but I feel like all the people who really liked this in the comments changed everything. I made it exactly as written and found it kind of one-note and sweet.


This is so delicious and ready to make! I added zucchini noodles to increase the veggies the second time I made it - because health. It was so good!!! I will definitely add this recipe to the weekly mix!


Made tonight per the recipe instructions. It was good! Modifications I would make to make it better - either 1/2 the udon or double the mushrooms. It was way too many noodle for us and it was slightly less than 1.5# but mushrooms =1#. We thought shiitake or mixed might also add to the dish but cremini were good. I didn't weigh the napa cabbage but use 1/2 head an next time I might use the whole head. Overall, we rate this as a 'do over.' Thx


An 8oz package of dried udon is a sub — enjoyed the balance of flavors, could possibly cut honey a little but then how would it affect flavor profile?


I added spinach and cashews and they worked.


Only used one tbsp of honey at each step, so 2 tbsp total. Added some tofu air fried in a soy sauce and honey mixture. Delicious!

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Honey-Glazed Mushrooms With Udon Recipe (2024)
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