Scalloped Potato Gratin Recipe (2024)

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For 4 servings, this recipe works just fine if you cut the quantities in half and use a quarter sheet pan.


Substituting 2 cans of evaporated milk for the heavy cream works out well.


I love your idea for the vegetable combination! I think the issue is with the yukon golds and other vegetables, which are not starchy. Russets produce lots of starch which help thicken up the whole thing, whereas Yukon golds don't (which makes for better mashed potatoes and potato salads). I figured this out the hard way when I used them for a gratin Dauphinois that, despite a very long time in the oven, absorbed almost none of the milk - a problem I've never had using russets.


I've had a hankering for scalloped potatoes and have been reading recipes. All of them call for Gruyere cheese. But at $20/lb, or more, I think I'll stick with mac and cheese. Would cheddar work in a recipe like this?


I made this yesterday, and it was very good. Maximizing crispy surface area is a win. A few things based on others questions and comments-->Yes, you can cut the number of eggs.>No, you do not need 1/4 cup of butter to grease the sheet pan. I love butter, but you could cut in half.>Heavy cream is delightful, but you could probably sub half-n-half to cut fat.>My potatoes had v thin skins, so peeling not needed.>More sage, nutmeg, salt, pepper, and I added some horseradish for a kick.


Making this in a sheet pan pretty much guarantees that the potatoes will come out done in the allotted time. Skip the eggs, they do nothing for this recipe. I prefer to use creme fraiche instead of heavy cream.


This was delicious and worth a bit of fuss. I used 1 tbls of ground sage + a pinch of ground nutmeg because I didn’t have fresh - plus my family is not crazy about nutmeg. I sautéed garlic (added 1 clove) and shallots in a bit of butter before adding the cream based on a comment here. We added some additional cheese to the top - what we had on hand - shaved Parmesan and shredded Mex blend (don’t judge - Covid). I don’t like baking on aluminum foil - parchment paper worked well. Family loved it!

Sharon Lansing

NYT Notes: Substituting 2 cans of evaporated milk for the heavy cream works out well.


If you are calorie obsessed, try, if you can, to burn some, then you can enjoy the consumption of same. Life is a negotiated affair. Muy delicioso!


Loved the baked cheesiness and the perfectly cut portions however this lacked some flavor. Would add more garlic and maybe some sauteed onions or shallots to the mix next time. I will make this again with some adds.


Fabulous. Takes at least an hour longer to prepare than indicated. Loved the consistency. I did not alter the recipe, but I always wonder why others do? I am not a chef but love to act like one.


I will never make au gratin another way again. Lots of crispy topping, cut into beautiful squares. I froze a few leftover squares and they were amazing reheated. Served with eggs, chicken, chops, anything. Absolutely recommend this recipe! I did use light cream. Yummy!


Thanks Melissa, for this crowd-pleaser. It certainly pleased the crowd of 1 (my wife) in my house. I made it as a mixed gratin, with yukon golds, yellow beets, celery root and onion, plus a little preserved lemon in the custard. Of course I have a nit to pick with you. Using an eggy custard instead of the usual milk/cream/butter gratin medium seems to hope for a bread pudding effect. Instead, there are curds of egg throughout, which makes for an odd texture: no creaminess. What am I missing?

Susan from Cheadle Hulme, UK

Hi Sam,Love your recipes and now - with a national lockdown of ALL UK citizens on the horizon, was the time to cheer ourselves up with a really generous and sybaritic dish. And this gratin totally did cheer us up. So thanks!


Hi. I love your modifications with the beets and celery root. If you had curds when it was done I wonder if that would be from adding the hot cream to the eggs too quickly - and/or not stirring lightly/consistently enough while adding - so the cream/eggs were overly hot to begin with? That is the fussiest part of the recipe IMO. I didn’t have curds. My consistency was not like bread pudding. I found that it kept the potatoes from being runny. It felt creamy without being wet if that makes sense.


I did the two cans of evaporated milk with lots of garlic - came out well but not crispy on top so a few minutes on broil got it there. Will make again for a crowd too much for just two of us. Reheated leftovers in oven to keep it crispy.


Seems like 350 it's not hot enough. Cooked the full 20 minutes, then 30 and they didn't brown and seem not quite cooked. Why reheat at 450 and cook at 350? I did cook 2 sheet pans so maybe that made for extra time. I upped the temp to 400 for another 5 and turned on convection. Next time I will use convection the whole time the foil is off.


I found that the eggs made the dish too custardy. The cook time was longer in my convection oven, which could have been because I had to use Gold potatoes instead of russets, which were out of stock. It also filled up a sheet pan, and I had some mess with drips in my oven. I wouldn’t make this again.

Potato Quiche?

I added crumbled bacon slices to the heavy cream mixture but otherwise made as the recipe instructs. The eggs set during the cookinh process and this became a strange omelette situation. It does taste wonderful... so maybe less eggs next time?


2 eggs recommended, count out potatoes per layer as it’s only 2 layers

Chip H.

My other half was skeptical about using such a thin broad pan for this recipe as he’s more used to the thick and gooey version. After dinner he said these some of the best potatoes he’d ever eaten. I ended up using a few more potatoes (and a bit more salt) than called for due to going a little overboard with the overlapping slices, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. Delicious!


Alas, I am a Melissa Clark fan, but this one was a huge disappointment to all of us. I followed the recipe exactly and will never make it again, even with mods. Too much work, too expensive. My mom's old fashioned scalloped potatoes (with no cheese) on a budget is back at the top of my list.


Prepared recipe incorporating helpful suggestions. I then used the bottom of my broiler pan instead of the sheet pan. Large enough area and the sides are a bit higher to alleviate spillage. Oh yes, had fresh chives, so snipped with kitchen shears for an added garnish. It was delicious leftover also.


Made for Friendsgiving. Needed to bake a lot longer and needed more salt. Otherwise really good


I followed the recipe perfectly, but it came out way too eggy. Like a potato quiche


I halved this recipe and added sautéed shallots and it was really good! I appreciate that the egg keeps it from running across your plate but it was just a little too eggy for my taste so I may cut back if I make it again. Shallots, extra sage, and a little extra salt and it was a crowd pleaser!


Limiting the herbs just to sage is a disservice lol Added rosemary and thyme with onion powder! Go off, the cream will take it all in for a aromatic adventure in your mouth.


overall very tasty recipe, but i would reduce the number of eggs if i made it again. I halved the recipe and used 3 eggs (after reading the comments i wish i had used just 2 or 1 or maybe non... oops).Also used 6 oz fresh grated gruyere (might add more next time cause CHEEEEESE), 2 LARGE cloves of garlic, full 1/4 cup herbs. might add some red pepper flakes to cream mixture next time. If/when making again i would omit or reduce eggs, maybe add a bit more cream and cheese.


Delicious. Made half the recipe (with 2 eggs) and it turned out great. Love the low profile concept for crispier gratin!


Made this with evaporated milk and a combination of Gruyere and Emmanthaler cheeses, and didn’t use the eggs - all excellent reader suggestions. I used some extra herbs from the garden (sage&thyme) and cooked those and the sliced potatoes in the milk briefly. Nice result and plenty to freeze!

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Scalloped Potato Gratin Recipe (2024)
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