Toyota Start Strong - WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2023 Friday Highlights (2024)


It has been a drama filled Friday in Naivasha. Catch up with all the action and incident with DirtFish.

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Well, hello, dark fish rally, friends, it's the end, the end one here at the Safari rally of Kenya and as we all hoped and anticipated, it was a day full of drama.

We will come to the drama at a later point in this review, but the man who had his fair share out there today was very much takamoto cat shooter, but he wasn't the only one to suffer issues shall we say out on the stages: Today George.

You know we're never ever going to come to Safari rally and not see drama, but you know it was quite an exciting day.

It's bizarre how exciting it became there was.

It came in pulses, it came in pulses and dramatic pulses, but but but poor takamoto I mean my goodness me every stage you seem to knock another bit off his car.

Well, let's start with tacklemore.

Shall we uh? You know when he came into service.

He was very much the talk of the media Zone.

Everyone wanted to have a chat with him team bosses, Yani Marty tanak.

Everyone wanted to talk to him, but more apparently everyone wanted to look at his car because he was in the wars Today George.

He was actually I was concerned.

It might have damaged his roll kids because the scrutineer was very keen to look at it at the end of key dong stage, but she resisted.

He said: I'll drive back to server, as you can see it there, which is a reasonable point.

It was he did actually.

He obviously ran through some bushes or trees and the outside of the bodies damaged again, I'm quite sure, just just to put it into perspective that it's not damaged because from what we saw two days ago.

Quite clearly, it can survive anything.

So it's pretty good.

That was, but that was the final stage of the day yeah, as dramas really started for cat Shooters and earlier on.

In the day it was the end of stage three, the middle stage in the look where he was doing really well so one two three four for Toyota: he picks up some damage to the stealing arm.

I think it was and he had to work really hard.

George to reinforce it before that stage yeah, he did really great job.

I saw the repairs and it did actually look quite Splendid I'm, not actually sure how much that would have done, because the steering arms are hugely strong and ultimately they will bend a certain amount and okay, you would always do exactly what he's done, how much good it would do in the end.

I don't know, but let's give them the benefit of the doubt and let's give the reality, because if that had been me, I'd have done exactly the same thing, but but obviously it was strong enough to survive absolutely.

He then came out of service first stage out of service.

He hits sadly a zebra in this stage, which caused more damage to the front left damage to the front right, Body Work damage.

We know with these cars George these new space frame cars I the damage is actually it's a lot easier to have damage that looks more dramatic than it was in the older cars.

It's fabulous for us.

We can make it very dramatic.

You know me I love a little bit of drama out there.

Let's move on to our battle for the talk crew, we have to talk about our leading Toyota driver.

At the end of the day, the Toyotas have once again proven that they are the card to have in a safari rally.

Uh and Sebastian.

Ogier George has that helicopter just lands behind us over there.

Sebastian ogier has once again shown that he is the master of strategic driving.

It's quite amazing, um Carly's doing his best he's doing a good second, but Seb is so calm, so straightforward, so methodical, yeah, unperturbed, unshakable, unflappable and the other word I would use George, perhaps the most important thing he is so disciplined.

Yes, he can stick to his strategy totally totally and convince himself and drive to it, and that is a wonderful thing.

What a great thing for people to see- and you know who notices it.

We talked to him in the media Zone just a few moments ago.

Tell me about the debate and the considerations for that.

Just one spare tire: how much of a gamble was that I? Don't think it was a gamble at all.

Basically, my my reflection was that why taking two spare and thinking that you can push harder and puncture, because if you puncture, then you anyway lose time.

So my idea was these.

Two first stages are not that rough.

They have some pretty hard bass, so not so much loose Rocks coming from the ground, which can be a surprise and and risk of puncture, so I I thought I should manage those one by driving clean and not hitting too much into my tires and having the chance to be lighter.

I will be faster anyway and yeah it paid off and and yeah for sure the team was maybe not super comfortable when I made this decision, but I'm glad they.

Let me- and let me trust my feeling.

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Well, we mentioned how well the Toyota's are doing.

It is a Toyota one, two three at the end of the day and that man you just mentioned the moment or two ago, George Carly, Robin pair first on the road, could have been a difficult day for about their first landlord, isn't quite as punishing here as it is on other rallies, but it could have been a difficult day.

Robin Pera dealt with a challenge exceptionally well today, I think psychologically.

It's always going to be an issue to be first on the road on a gravel rally, but here it really means almost nothing.

I mean it does mean something because the Rally's relatively so short to previous editions.

So it might, there might be a bit of cleaning but ultimately there's other benefits that are very visibly better.

A you know where there's fish fish and we did have fish fish on key dong, a stage completely regraded, but just superficially so it broke through again we saw the freshers, so he had a much better option through there much significantly better than everyone else.

He also has the advantage of he comes along.

The animals get a fright.

This sticking car comes along, it gives them another fright by the third car comes along and the animals start running the traffic Yep they're panicking, and we saw that today.

It's just it's always been the third fourth or fifth card that gets The Battered by animals, never the first and second, you know what, in some places, that's very different.

Quite often I think it happened in the UK George and you never want to be the first car over Evan because of the sheep, and the first car over happened is the one.

That's basically moving the Sheep off the road to carry on the pair I was in fine form earlier on in the media.

Zone I have to be happy to be honest.

I would have wanted to be a bit closer um.

Only this first one of the loop was really tricky both times even on the afternoon when it was drying up between the loop.

There was a lot of low Scrabble to open the road and uh.

Even our second pass.

It up didn't really work so well, because it's so narrow and low speed, let's say so.

The car was working much better on the next two ones, but not not really on the narrow, not our first stage.

If the rain comes down here, it can be just unbelievably challenging yeah.

A small rain is usually fine for me, but when you here have a proper one, it's uh, it's not so easy anymore when you're driving in a lake but uh so 22.8 seconds, separating serbogia at the front from Cali ravenberg around about 43 or so seconds off the lead in third place is Alvin Evans George.

He had his moments.

He hits a bit of wildlife out there as well today, but again, looking at his car in the media, Zone looked really good he's another one.

That's had a strategic approach and has stuck to it.

We talked about this earlier Colin.

That elfin's approach should really reap rewards on this rally.

If he can stick strongly to that strategy, he's done it today had that bit of a moment in key dong, I think it was a hard hole.


Tape went under some bushes.

I was all ready to catch the damage at the end of the stage, nothing not the thing, but on the onboards it looked like he was going through trees.

It was, it was a small shrub.

Wasn't it that he went I guess it was because there was nothing on the car Colin? Well, he was lucky because there was nothing underneath that shrub, oh yeah, quite often as he found out a couple of years ago when he took that cut under a shrub, and there was a massive Rock there.

So a moment of luck- and you know what Alvin Evans deserves a little bit of luck, he's had a lot of bad news.

Well, I think I think his maybe he's a lot today, Colin, you know and I think in Safari rally.

You do make your own.

Like you look at, say, bosier made his lock yeah I mean we made his lock in Spades.

Calardo and Pera are much the same, brilliant drive and an elephant exactly the same yeah and what a reward for the team you know.

You've possibly got a different, slightly different strategies from each driver, which you will have discussed as the team.

They will discuss the strategies and they know that elf is just going to take that little bit more care yeah.

That doesn't always mean that he won't have trouble, but it's just a personal strategy for each and you're quite happy, if you're putting an extra layer of caution in there, because it gives you that Banker just a little bit of extra margin for Elvin Evans out there today.

This is what he told us about his approach.

A little earlier on in the media zone, I'm not taking too many chances out there trying to preserve the car as much as possible, uh trying to keep the guy in the middle of the road at least and uh yeah.

It's been quite okay, A bit of a glance with the bush yeah a bit lucky to get away with that.

One, to be honest, just got a bit surprise: crossroaded and yeah uh.

Thankfully it was soft.

Well, it has been a magnificent day out there for Toyota today, as good as Toyotas there's been Hyundai's day has been again George you're, just a bogey rally for them.

It really is: isn't it you're, cheating, listen, Jerry, Louisville, another issue, and this issue is a really strange one.

We actually caught up with him at the side of the road.

The Top Mountain boat came loose George halfway through the second stage in the loop this afternoon, and that then failed.

It gave him problems to the power steering to the drive shafts he had to retire for the day.

From that point, it's not been a good rally for Hyundai this one over the last two and a bit years.

It hasn't it hasn't, but I mean the the as a manufacturer.

The rally is not in tatters.

No, they can.

They can come back from that, let's see what happens but yeah for Thierry.

Personally, that's bad! A Top Nut on on the stock coming loose, I've, not exactly seen what's come, loose I mean that should just never happen.

Yeah, we did catch up with Sarah a bit about the team boss at the end of the day, and he said you know what Safari does it exposes the weaknesses in the team, the car, the drivers.

He was incredibly honest about things out there, but George as you write, they say it's it's! It's not an unmitigated disaster, because the man who's had a really good day for a Hyundai.

It's quite clearly Air Supply.

It was a really tough start to the event.

With those two.

What you know I know he's been nervous about the car failure possibility with the prop shaft he wants to trade on that.

Don't don't start to feel complacent trade on that keep that pace you're in the right place.

You know this rally is all about there.

I am here, I am at the end of the first day.

Okay, that's that's where I've settled so you've got to hold that position now and then wait for people you're going to keep the pressure on and off the other drivers have to drive fast, who breaks first welcome to dirt fish where we'll teach you how to do this, and this and all you have to do- is click this link, we'll see you soon.

Let's talk very quickly about M sport, not a good day, sadly again for, like tanak, he elected to stop and change his puncture in the stage George he's two and a half minutes off the lead.

Even terms of Championship yep, a Podium is still possible here, but he needs to have things very, very much heading his way tomorrow.

Yeah again again, unfortunately, he's got to keep patience.

I think he's done a great job.

Today he did a great job.

The last two years we've said that already I think he's done.

A great job today stopped and changed that puncture Smart Cookie he's not going to destroy his car he's he he wants to get something in the bank from this, it's quite clear from his strategy and and he's keeping his nose as clean as he can unfortunate with that puncture.

Let's hope that his his luck changes his his strategy.

Works stick to it.

You only need to he's as smart, a cookie as usual in many ways, certainly Pace wise he's capable of absolutely generating that, but that wins in nothing here.

It's all now about strategy, patience and willingness to to go the distance on your on your tactics, simple, as not a bad day, a couple of punches for him, but his first day in Kenya did a solid job, a quick word for a wrc2 and our rally.

Two cars really super job by Gregoire Munster in the fiesta rally to go once again that car is showing that it is now highly competitive in that WRC.

To that rally, two class monster leads over kaitan.

Eventually, you know we can't forget.

Obviously all of us saw back.

He was doing a great job out there in that skoda didn't get through the final stage of the day.

Unfortunately, I'm sure we'll see salberg back in the rally 2 class tomorrow, so George we've had a great day today.

What are you looking forward to tomorrow? Oh rain and sleeping Warrior, a little bit of rain is sleeping Warrior and we are in for an absolute Feast of a rally action folks.

Thank you very, very much for joining us all.

Today, on the opening day, proper of safari rally, kenyas George has said there is a lot.

A lot more to come tomorrow, you know where you've got to be for all the action, the drama, the Jeopardy as it unfolds here.

That's Safari rally Kenya, it is George, see you there.

Toyota Start Strong - WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2023 Friday Highlights (2024)


Which is the toughest WRC rally? ›

Safari Rally Kenya once again issued a reminder why it's still revered in global motorsport as the World Rally Championship's toughest event, as it served up a drama-filled classic. Autosport reviews the highs, lows, turning points and close calls from a gruelling African event.

How hard is the Safari Rally? ›

There is no hiding from the fact that the current Safari Rally features only 355km of competitive stages. But as last weekend proved, the rally is still one of the most challenging events in global motorsport. All 10 Rally1 cars encountered issues inflicted by the conditions and nobody had a faultless run.

Why Safari Rally was dropped by WRC? ›

The history of the Safari Rally

But it was removed from the WRC calendar in 2002 after local organizers failed to meet their obligations to Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the governing body of motor sport, which licenses the WRC.

Who won Safari Rally? ›

Frenchman Sebastien Ogier, navigated by Vincent Landais of Britain, compete in their Toyota Yaris GR at the Malewa Stage during the WRC Safari Rally on June 25, 2023. Ogier won the title.

What is the most successful Toyota rally car? ›

Toyota Celica ST185

The Celica ST185 is arguably Toyota's most successful rally car. Yes the Yaris WRC has two titles to its name as well but they're spaced three years apart. The Celica secured back-to-back manufacturer's titles in 1993 and 1994, on top of a triple-header of driver's titles beginning in 1992.

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Why are rally cars so tough? ›

The chassis is fitted with a hollow outer shell that is strengthened and reinforced to take the beating of rally sections. They are also much more lightweight than road-going cars, which make it faster. What's more, they have roll cages for extra safety so that drivers are not injured in the event of an accident.

Which rally car was banned? ›

This is the story of the Banned Wagoneer. In the 1972 round of the FIA manufacturer's rally championship, every country had its hero.

Which rally group was banned? ›

Following on from the tragedy, the FIA announced that it would ban Group B cars after the end of the season, deeming them simply too fast to compete safely. At the end of the era the results from the San Remo Rally were declared void, leaving Juha Kankkunen to take the crown with his Peugeot.

Which car won Safari Rally 2023? ›

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team has achieved an incredible clean sweep of the top four positions on Safari Rally Kenya for the second year in succession: Sébastien Ogier winning the epic African event ahead of team-mates Kalle Rovanperä, Elfyn Evans and Takamoto Katsuta.

Why is it called Safari Rally? ›

The Safari Rally was first held in 1953, as the East African Coronation Safari in Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika as a celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. In 1960 it was renamed the East African Safari Rally and kept that name until 1974, when it became the Kenya Safari Rally.

Who won WRC Kenya 2023? ›

Nairobi, Sunday, June 25, 2023: France's Sebastien Ogier racked up his second career Kenya's WRC Safari Rally win Sunday before an enthusiastic crowd of local spectators at the Hell's Gate Wolf Power Stage, but not without dramas. The eight-times champion...

What does WRC mean in Safari Rally? ›


The following year FIA, then FISA included the Safari in the World Rally Championship (WRC). Mikola became an overnight sensation. Manufacturer teams' beehived into Kenya.

What is the fastest rally car? ›

The current record stands at 126km/h (78mph) from Rally Finland in 2016. This onboard is just from the rally's shakedown stage, with 2019 World Champion Ott Tänak onboard his new Hyundai i20 Rally1 car.

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A 1988 Audi Sport Quattro S1 rally car has broken the record for world's most expensive rally car sold at auction, after selling for almost £1.8million at the Artcurial Parisienne collectable car event. The hammer went down with the 80's Group B legend more than doubling the final price that it was predicted to go at.

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The Gumball 3000 is one of the world's most exclusive, ostentatious and extravagant car rallies – a road trip for celebrities and the wealthy that also raises money for youth charities.

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What is the average HP for a rally car? ›

How powerful are the cars? Since 2017, WRC cars have featured 1.6-litre engines that produce around 380 horsepower, as well as an electric boost that allows them to reach as much as 520 horsepower for a few seconds. It's a lot of power, much more than WRC cars ran for decades when they were limited to 315 horsepower.

Which is the oldest car rally? ›

Paris–Rouen: the world's first motoring contest

On July 22, 1894, the Parisian magazine Le Petit Journal organized what is considered to be the world's first motoring competition, from Paris to Rouen.

Is rally faster than F1? ›

To the untrained eye, World RX cars appear to have an average body shape. But beneath the surface lurks a 450 kW turbocharged race engine capable of 0–100 kph in 1.9 seconds –which is faster than a Formula One car.

What is the most successful group a rally car? ›

Group A Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Lancia is the manufacturer with the most wins in the WRC: 11 world Championship for Manufacturers, with 6 consecutives.

How fast do rally drivers go? ›

On the roads that are closed to the public, where the racing actually happens, speeds on these twisty gravel roads average between 50 and 70 miles per hour, which occasional bursts over 100 mph on the straights.

Who is the richest rally driver in the world? ›

World's Richest Race Car Drivers, 2021
1Michael SchumacherGermany
2Lewis HamiltonUnited Kingdom
3Dale Earnhardt, Jr.United States
4Ken BlockUnited States
72 more rows
Dec 21, 2020

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Rallying is one of the most expensive sports to break into if you're a beginner. The costs are so high that most prospective competitors will give up before ever participating in an event. But there are plenty of ways to get into rallying without blowing an insane amount of dough to build and race a car.

What type of racing pays the most? ›

F1 drivers are the highest-paid athletes in motorsports, taking home $11.4 million on average across all 20 drivers on the 2022 grid – a figure set to slightly reduce this year with high-earners Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo stepping away.

What drive is best for rally? ›

So it's settled then, a 2wd car is the on the list for a first rally car. If you'd like to move up to 4wd at some point in the future, starting out in a front wheel drive is recommended. You have to adopt a similar driving technique for both front wheel drive and 4wd.

What fuel do WRC cars use? ›


The World Motor Sport Council has approved P1 Racing Fuels as the exclusive provider for the series under a three-year agreement commencing in 2022.

Do rally cars use clutch? ›

You have a clutch pedal and a hydraulic handbrake to launch the thing, just as all those racing engineers intended.

Is rally racing legal in the US? ›

Rally cars are road legal and registered cars, as during the road sections between special stages they need to drive on public roads and respect all the traffic rules.

What was the cheat on the Toyota rally car? ›

Toyota had manufactured special springs and clips that would move the restrictor plate back from the air intake, but when the turbo was disengaged the springs would pop it back in to position making it appear that everything was as per the FIA rules.

What was the deadliest rally crash? ›

The 1955 Le Mans disaster was a major crash that occurred on 11 June 1955 during the 24 Hours of Le Mans motor race at Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans, Sarthe, France. Large pieces of debris flew into the crowd, killing 83 spectators and French driver Pierre Levegh, and injuring nearly 180 more.

Who is the best rally team in history? ›

The 5 most dominant rally teams in WRC history
  • 1) Lancia. Lancia's greatest hits. © Lancia. ...
  • 2) Citroën. Sébastien Loeb. Sébastien Loeb at WRC Rally New Zealand. ...
  • 3) Toyota. Elfyn Evans. Elfyn Evans racing for Toyota in Croatia. ...
  • 4) Peugeot. Carlos Sainz. Carlos Sainz driving a Peugeot 208 T16.
Apr 22, 2023

Has the WRC ever been to the US? ›

The World Rally Championship has not run an event in the United States since Washington's Olympus Rally ended back in 1988.

Is there WRC in America? ›

Plans to bring the World Rally Championship to the USA in 2024 have progressed following the announcement of a demonstration and test event to take place this year.

How much are the tickets for the Safari Rally 2023? ›

Product Overview: 6-Day 2023 Private Kenya WRC Safari Rally and Wildlife Safari
Prices From$1,610
Number of Photos1
Duration8,640 minutes

Who won Safari Rally in Kenya 2023? ›

and Rogelio Peñate won the World Rally Championship-3 category. The Hyundai Shell Mobis WRT crew of Thierry Neuville and Martijn Wydaeghe were disqualified from the rally post-event for unathorized reconnaissance of stages, stripping them both of their 8th place finish and of the victory in the Power Stage.

Where will WRC 2023 be held in Kenya? ›

Servicepark Naivasha

How fast is the Safari Rally? ›

The rally was historically one of the fastest events in the world championship with average speeds over 100 kilometres per hour (62 mph).

How much is Safari Rally car? ›

The KES 120 Million hybrid car raises the car performance levels to more than 500hp whilst also reducing emissions as they prepare to compete across 13 rounds on four continents.

What is the longest stage of the Safari Rally? ›

The forested Loldia in the north is followed by Geothermal and Kedong to the south. At 31.25km, Kedong is the longest stage of the rally and a Safari test of old.

How many WRC has Toyota won? ›

To date, Toyota had won 76 WRC races.

What year did Toyota win WRC? ›

In 2018, the team won the championship for manufacturers, Toyota's first since 1999, followed by more wins in 2021 and 2022. The team have also delivered championship titles for drivers and co-drivers every year since 2019.

Which car won the rally in Kenya? ›

Sébastien Ogier defied team-mate Kalle Rovanperä's charge to head home a dream 1-2-3-4 finish for Toyota Gazoo Racing on a spectacular final day at Safari Rally Kenya.

Which fuel does Safari Rally use? ›

Thank you for reading Nation.Africa

Shell V-Power fuel sold for Ksh6 less per litre countrywide on June 24 and 25, 2022 in the spirit of the rally weekend. Motorists filled their tanks with the fuel that the Formula One Ferrari team runs on. Safe to say that the Shell V-Power fuel took over Kenya on the rally weekend.

Why are WRC cars so fast? ›

The chassis is fitted with a hollow outer shell that is strengthened and reinforced to take the beating of rally sections. They are also much more lightweight than road-going cars, which make it faster. What's more, they have roll cages for extra safety so that drivers are not injured in the event of an accident.

Which is faster Group B or WRC? ›

World Rally Cars were, of course, faster than Group B. But there was nothing like the brutality. Fancy transmission, active suspension and all manner of bells and whistles had undoubtedly made the cars quicker.

Is rally the most difficult motorsport? ›

Types of Auto Racing

Many forms of auto racing exist, each with its passionate fans. However, most motorsports fans agree that rally and open-wheel racing (especially the premier Formula 1 series) are the hardest types of auto racing for drivers.

Are rally cars faster than F1? ›

How powerful is powerful? To the untrained eye, World RX cars appear to have an average body shape. But beneath the surface lurks a 450 kW turbocharged race engine capable of 0–100 kph in 1.9 seconds –which is faster than a Formula One car.

How fast does a WRC rally car go? ›

The WRC champion is the driver with the most points at the end of the season. How fast can the cars go? The average speed record of 124.73kph was set in 2015 by Jari-Matti Latvala in Finland.

What killed Group B rally? ›

The Group B regulations fostered some of the fastest, most powerful, and most sophisticated rally cars ever built and their era is commonly referred to as the golden era of rallying. However, a series of major accidents, some fatal, were blamed on their outright speed with lack of crowd control at events.

How much does a WRC car cost? ›

WRC Promoter believes costs have been drifting away from the original figure intended for the Rally1 hybrid cars that were introduced last year. It is understood that the cost of a Rally1 car is close to a million euros, while Rally2 cars are capped at approximately 200,000 euros.

Why is Group B illegal? ›

He and his co-driver Sergio Cresta were killed instantly. Following on from the tragedy, the FIA announced that it would ban Group B cars after the end of the season, deeming them simply too fast to compete safely.

Which is harder F1 or WRC? ›

Since rally cars are beefed up regular cars [1] they are easier to drive than a F1 car in terms of going somewhere. On the other side rally requires way more versatile skills and you don't have any run off areas so one big mistake and you hit a tree…

Is it hard to drive a rally car? ›

Rallying is an easy sport to break into, but a hard sport to master. It may feel like a secret society due to its relative obscurity in the United States. The good news, though, is since the rally community is a tight-knit group, once you're in, it's easy to learn all about the key events and meet the key players!

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