Amana Bank Expands Digital Banking Services With Mobile App


By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. Amana Bank’s Mobile Banking app is now live in a historic development that gives the lender’s clients the ability to perform a multitude of banking transactions conveniently from the comfort of their home or office.

Several customers have already made transactions through the Amana Bank app, with some claiming that the platform has made their banking lives easier.

“It gave me the freedom to make payments anywhere and anytime securely and instantly via my mobile phone,” said Dodoma resident Hassan Mabuye.

It allows customers to access any of their deposit and advance accounts online and thus view account details. They can also perform scheduled transactions, transfer funds within the bank and to other local banks in real time.

The Amana Bank app is designed to cater for customers who need to keep their money in compliance with Islamic banking guidelines.

It allows customers to connect to the bank’s Halal banking services where they can open a deposit account instantly.


Amana Bank’s chief marketing officer, Mr. Dassu Mussa, said the lender will remain at the forefront of introducing pioneering innovations that allow customers banking options guided by Islamic principles.

“It was in this rich tradition that we introduced the country’s first halal digital wallet in 2018, which enabled people to save in their mobile wallet and receive halal benefits,” he said. .

He said the initiatives were aimed at ensuring that the bank plays a role in promoting the government’s financial inclusion agenda through product offerings that are fully Sharia-compliant.

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