Apple Maps update makes navigation easier with Sim City aesthetic


Apple Maps has a sophisticated 3D mode that lets you explore the world in the aesthetic chosen by Apple. There is a new navigation view capable of rendering complex overlapping exchanges for drivers. This latest update also adds an augmented reality system where the user can scan a building and get walking directions based on where Apple Maps thinks you are.

Apple announced a new user interface for Apple Maps at WWDC 2021 this year, including suggestions for nearby public transportation and a bunch of other options for travel choices. The first major update to Apple Maps will provide a new user interface in the US, UK, Ireland and Canada.

This will include the latest 3D visualization of maps, weather, search and connectivity with the latest navigation user interface. If Apple’s new Apple Maps system here looks like what we’ll have on devices soon, the whole process of navigating from place to place should be nicer and easier.

The new AR scanning system for Apple Maps will first be released in a select set of cities and then expanded beyond in the near future. There will be San Francisco, Philadelphia, London, Washington DC, New York and Las Angeles in the mix at launch.

This latest update will also bring a new night setting to Apple Maps. You’ll be able to see things much easier using Apple Maps for navigation in the dark, and you’ll have “more detailed” directions throughout the experience.

We can expect this new Apple Maps update with the launch of iOS 15. Take a look at the timeline below for more information on iOS updates this week at WWDC 2021. .

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