Aware looks to boost app integrations with support for Flutter developer tools

Aware’s Knomi authentication platform will now offer support for Google’s Flutter software development tools. The arrangement will allow companies to integrate Knomi into their own applications using a single Flutter codebase that provides coverage for multiple mobile environments, web browsers and operating systems.

In this regard, Aware hopes that Flutter support will streamline the development process and minimize the time needed to bring new apps to market. More importantly, it will also allow developers to adapt an app to new platforms much faster than they could without the Flutter codebase. Flutter will provide a consistent look across all platforms and devices, which in turn will enable a consistent experience for end users.

Aware specifically integrates Flutter version 2.10 with version 5.0 of its Knomi platform. Knomi, meanwhile, takes advantage of smartphone cameras and microphones to bring convenient face and voice recognition to mobile devices. The solution offers passive liveness detection to guard against identity theft and can verify the authenticity of an identity document during a remote onboarding process. It can also be used for passwordless authentication once an account has been created.

“Adopting Flutter into our Knomi platform directly addresses current market trends that our customers want and deserve: fast, customizable, and easily integrated features and services,” said Aware CTO Mohamed Lazzouni. “Developers looking for easier ways to reach additional users on more platforms in a cost-effective way by creating code once and reusing it many times can apply the industry-leading authentication and integration services of ‘Aware with greater benefits from these advancements.’

The Business Intelligence Group selected Knomi as a winner of a BIG Innovation Award in January this year. Aware credited Knomi with driving software-as-a-service subscription revenue in its latest quarterly report, citing a 345% increase in Knomi transactions in 2021.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)

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