Discover the memories made during the May 2022 launch weekend in the UK

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LEXINGTON, Kentucky (May 9, 2022) — It was a weekend full of celebrations for the more than 3,900 graduates who participated in the May 2022 launch ceremonies.

Overall, 5,346 May Diploma candidates were awarded by the UK board last week. This includes 3,625 undergraduate, 1,169 graduate and 552 professional degree applicants for May 2022.*

The four ceremonies were broadcast live on UK YouTube channel.

To see the Friday ceremonies, visit:

To view Saturday’s ceremony, visit:

Watch the video above to hear students talk about what it’s like to earn a degree from the University of Kentucky.

See the photos taken by our university photographers by clicking on this gallery link.

For more information on UK Commencement, visit

*These numbers reflect degree candidates, not individual graduates (some graduates earn more than one degree, thus being counted as a degree candidate multiple times). Degrees will be certified by the UK Registrar, ensuring individuals have met all requirements. The most up-to-date information is available through UK and institutional research, analysis and decision support.

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