River Watch helps track local river levels

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – With spring approaching, the flooding problems of the past week are not going away any time soon.

River watch is a City of Fort Wayne website that provides an easy way to monitor river levels for specific gauges.

River Watch began as an app in the mid-2000s in response to flooding earlier that decade. It has since been turned into a webpage, so anyone can access it on a desktop computer or on their mobile device.

“We want the public to have as much information as possible so they can make informed decisions. If we get into a flood situation and they either have to protect their house or know if they have to get out and go to higher ground,” said Patrick Zaharako, municipal engineer and flood control manager for the city of Fort Wayne.

Once on site, users can access river gauges for the entire area and monitor river levels for the past 3 days. The color codes illustrate what stage of flooding a certain gauge is in and whether the river level is rising or falling. Gauges aren’t just local to Fort Wayne, as there are others that are scattered around the area.

The site also pulls data from rain gauges scattered across the region to ensure users are fully informed of conditions. Those who use the river greenways can also monitor these conditions in a special section of the website. You can even designate your favorite locations so you can access them more easily.

A link to River Watch can be found here.

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