Vodafone brings superfast 5G mobile live to 12 new UK locations

Mobile operator Vodafone today announced that its new superfast 5G (mobile broadband) network has just started rolling out to 12 more UK cities, including larger locations, such as the city of Coventry in the West Midlands, and smaller places, such as the town of Llantwit Major in Wales.

Currently, the operator owns 90 MHz of radio spectrum frequency in the 3.4GHz – 3.6GHz bands, and they also plan to re-exploit, over time, their holdings in the lower frequency 900MHz band to carry 5G traffic. The latter will be more useful for rural coverage, while the former is better for higher data speeds around urban areas due to its shorter range and larger frequency allocation.

REMARK: By March 2022, Vodafone had brought 5G live to 141 locations in the UK.

Vodafone says its 5G can deliver “average speeds” of 150-200Mbps over their network (they compare that to 23-35 Mbps over 4G), with peak speeds reaching over 1 Gbps in some areas. However, it should be noted that some LTE-Advanced / 4G EVO technology zones on their network can reach peaks of 800 Mbps, depending on the device capacity and the number of operators deployed, but this is rare.

Interestingly, we haven’t had a 5G coverage update from Vodafone for a while, which is pretty normal as carriers tend to stop broadcasting new areas around 2 years after the start of a new deployment (listing every city, town and city in the UK can get a bit tedious). Nevertheless, today they announced 12 more locations.

The 12 new Vodafone 5G slots
Major of Llantwit
South Lackenby

We must point out that this does NOT mean that Vodafone instantly covers 100% of every location. New zones are usually only announced when they are in the early stages of deployment, not once that deployment has already reached maturity or completion. Operators tend to fan out from the busiest parts of each location.

Andrea Dona, Chief Network Officer of Vodafone UK, said:

“The arrival of 5G gives our customers some of the fastest mobile data speeds in the UK and a mobile network they can rely on. It will open up all sorts of possibilities for our consumer customers, as well as for businesses. communities and their employees, supporting the local economy and helping to deliver a greener, more prosperous and digitally connected region.

We are investing in our network across the UK and look forward to seeing how this investment will benefit local people and businesses. »

Vodafone’s network customers generally pay the same price for 5G plans as for 4G, which, with a few exceptions, is now quite common in this market.

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