BevNET Live Day 1 Agenda Reveal: See the schedule for June 15 here

We are proud to present the Day 1 agenda for BevNET Live Summer 2022, taking place at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York, NY. BevNET Live takes place June 15-16.

On June 15, we’ll explore the state of the industry and the minds of the founders who power it. We’ll examine the strategies that are fueling the growth of two intriguing, better-for-you categories, CSDs and non-alcoholic spirits brands, in stores and in the public consciousness. We’ll hear about the evolution of the CEO and the plans that lead to tactical execution to help brands scale, and how companies preserve innovation in tough times.

We begin with a panel reviewing the beverage industry mid-year, with representatives from leading retailer Big Geyser, investment bank William Blair, head of sales Pop&Bottle and top retailers from the National Co-Op. Grocers Association discussing retailer attitudes, inflationary pressures and the current economic environment and their ability to affect brand growth and fundraising.

Once the audience learns about the trends, they will hear from an inspiring entrepreneur: Orgain Founder and CEO, Dr. Andrew Abraham, will take attendees through a story of personal and professional growth, revealing the skills he has developed during creation. , growth, financing and sale of the business he led from inception to sale.

After a networking break, speakers and panelists focus on decision-making and resource allocation. First, executives from three highly regarded innovative brands – Ocean Spray, Uncle Matt’s and Harmless Harvest – will explain how they preserve and promote innovation while dealing with supply chain uncertainty. Next, Calypso’s CEO will offer a valuable lesson on decision-making for growing brands, showing methods for evaluating growth strategies and thinking about long- and short-term opportunities.

Lunch will be served from 12:30 p.m. to 1:45 p.m., allowing for more networking and tasting.

In the afternoon, keynote speaker Kathy Guzmán Galloway will help attendees reflect on where they stand with key business attributes such as mission, vision and purpose, giving founders the opportunity to clarify their brands’ relationship with the wider world.

Also in the afternoon, two different panels will explore category and channel strategy. First, the founders of three fast-growing brands in the healthy CSD category will talk about how they’re building the future, a future that seemed unfathomable a few years ago due to the stranglehold of the well-known soda giants. anchored. Next, the brands, organizations and retailers building the non-alcoholic spirits category will talk about the challenges and methods needed to create and define a new space for retailers and consumers.

Speaking of new categories, at 3:15 a.m. BevNET Live will focus on innovation as the New Beverage Showdown semi-final begins. Presentations and judging will narrow the field by 15 brands to the six finalists vying for the crown.

When the New Beverage Showdown Semi-Finals conclude, the networking resumes, complete with refreshments during the BevNET Live Happy Hour, also held at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Also, don’t forget that a special event is taking place before the official start of the event: you can take a crash course in many beverage industry dynamics with the school’s pre-show session. drinks. From 7:45 a.m. to 9:45 a.m., it offers quick training and networking opportunities on industry basics for new entrepreneurs. The faculty of the School of Beverages, as well as the agenda for June 16, are in the next announcements.

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If you’re also involved in the natural food industry, head to New York a few days early to attend NOSH Live Summer 2022, a two-day event for natural food entrepreneurs, taking place the days before the June 13 and 14. . Sign up for both.

NOSH Live and BevNET Live will take place at the Metropolitan Pavilion, located at 125 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011.

About BevNET Live

BevNET Live is the premier event for beverage brands, distributors, service providers, retailers and investors to discuss what’s next for the industry. Featuring top industry speakers and our New Beverage Showdown, BevNET Live attracts hundreds of brands to each event.

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