Email driver screams scandal over telecom company giving Jaringan Prihatin discount to someone else

JOHOR BARU: A driver with the electronic call service claimed that he had not received help from the government due to the negligence of a telecommunications company.

Loo Hong Hock, 40, said he applied in June to the Jaringan Prihatin program, a government aid program for the B40 group to get RM 180 telecom credit for an internet subscription or discount for mobile devices, but had failed.

He appealed the decision and his request was subsequently approved by the government on September 18.

“Excited, I went to my carrier’s office to ask for help, but the staff informed me that the aid, registered under my MyKad number, had been reimbursed to another carrier.

“So I went to the other company to check the situation and the staff confirmed that their file showed that the aid had been reimbursed by someone at one of their authorized agents’ outlets in Ulu Tiram.

“The staff showed me the account number and phone number, which were not mine, and the staff later said the phone number had already been terminated.

“I was confused and upset by the telecom company’s negligence in allowing someone else to retrieve help under my name without any MyKad or fingerprint verification,” he said. said Tuesday at a press conference held by the Pasir Gudang MCA Complaints and Utilities Office here (December 28).

Loo said he looks forward to help buying a new mobile device to help him with his online calling services to earn an income.

“It is disappointing to have missed the help the government has provided to help members of the B40 group like me,” he added.

Meanwhile, Pasir Gudang MCA, deputy head of Complaints and Utilities Bureau Ang Tun Chek, who hosted the press conference, called the representative of the telecommunications company for an explanation during the session.

The representative said the company headquarters had been made aware of the case and agreed to compensate Loo for the same amount as stipulated in government assistance.

He added that a member of customer service would contact Loo as soon as possible regarding compensation.

On May 5, the government, headed by then Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, announced the RM3.5bil Jaringan Prihatin program to benefit 8.4 million beneficiaries of Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat, with financial assistance for Internet data or the purchase of mobile devices.

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