How to Watch, Stream and Listen to Vikings-Bears Week 18

The 2021 season marked the first extension of the NFL schedule (16 to 17 games) since 1978 (14 to 16 games), and it is expected to remain so, thanks to the consolidation of the move from four preseason games to three. Who knows, the league may be considering further expansion after 2022.

All that to say, whatever Jefferson posts this season, they will be pursued in the future by players who are likely to have 17 or more games.

As for Peterson, he will have another opportunity to record at least one interception for the 11th consecutive season. Peterson has recorded three or more interceptions in five of his 10 seasons with Arizona.

The veteran joined Minnesota this offseason and hasn’t been targeted as much as he expected. Rather than testing the eight-time Pro Bowler, quarterbacks turned their attention elsewhere.

Peterson was targeted for a key play in Week 15 when Minnesota traveled to Chicago. He made sure to break a pass in the end zone instead of being greedy and going for an interception, which could have resulted in a touchdown.

“I thought my season was pretty strong. To be completely honest with you, I expected more action this year. I expected to be a little more focused,” said Peterson. “I was really a little more excited, having the opportunity to get my hands on some soccer balls. I have one game left, so I hope I don’t end the year on a goose egg. would be the first time in my career that this has ever happened, but I feel like my coverage has been tight, I feel like my technique has been tight. I feel like I could tackling me a little better.the right way and things like that, but as far as my technique and my coverage goes, I thought I covered the best of them, and when I got the chance to play with the ball, I did it. “

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